Cheese Cravings-What Do They Mean & How To Handle?


Cheese Cravings-What Do They Mean & How To Handle?

Some people crave for sweets, their sweet tooth rules them. I am a maniac who craves for everything except sweets. I crave for cheese, pasta, chaat and all things tangy, salty and chatpataa 🙁

Cravings don’t happen just like that. They have a purpose behind it, and they indicate something which we fail to acknowledge. I don’t crave for sweet, not because I don’t like eating them. Just that my body does not give me signals to think of ice cream, chocolate or mithai.

This means that when I crave for cheese or pasta, there is a reason behind it. Offlate , I have felt desparate urge to munch on cheese. You would have noticed a sudden increase in my cheesy recipes like cheese sauce or cheese crackers 😛

microwave cheese crackers (2)

Cheese craving is directly related to deficiency of fatty acids i.e Omega 3 fatty acids and calcium too. I did my regular tests a month back and my reports mentioned intermediate levels of Omega 3 in my body. I am not deficient but the level is intermediate, which may not be optimum for my body. I am an eggitarian, this could be a reason for such levels. My calcium level is great since I do eat milk products everyday.

Since I do follow low carb lifestyle, cheese works great for me. Other foods that I have included in my diet are flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts and almonds. I am also planning to get my hands on Omega 3 supplements. In case you are deficient in calcium, include mustard, sesame seeds, kale and broccoli in your diet apart from dairy.

Do read this wonderful post on different food cravings and try to understand what your body is trying to communicate 🙂

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