How Healthy Are Cherry Tomatoes?


How Healthy Are Cherry Tomatoes? Find out!

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When it comes to adding fancy ingredients to your cooking, you do think of cherry tomatoes, right? There are baby corns too, but they are not my personal favourites. So, what are cherry tomatoes? The name suggests that they are tomatoes of the size of a cherry! Cherry tomatoes are simply a miniature of the traditional tomatoes available. But don’t get dodged by the small size as they are equally nutritious. It always said that good things come in small packages. So, in this post we will talk about the nutrients it has and the health benefits offered by these tomatoes.

A single cup of cherry tomatoes has 1.3 g of protein, 1.8 g of fibre and 20 mg of vitamin C. You also get a healthy dose of other essential vitamins and minerals needed for good health.


Good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin A

If you are under 50 years of age, you will need 1.3 milligrams of vitamin B6 daily. Post 50 the need increases to 1.5 to 1.7 mg per day. A single cup of cherry tomatoes gives you 0.11 mg of the vitamin. Vitamin B6 helps metabolizing protein and supports the functioning of the brain and cognitive development. The vitamin also helps in improving immune function and producing red blood cells.

Women require 700 micrograms of vitamin A in a day and men need 900 micrograms. A single cup serving of cherry tomatoes provides 63 micrograms. Vitamin A is needed for your eye health. When you get sufficient amounts of vitamin A there is more resistance to age-related macular degeneration. This vitamin also helps in producing white blood cells and keeps the lungs, heart and kidneys working right.

Health benefits of cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes have lycopene in them. It is an antioxidant that lowers the risk of diseases due to the damage caused to the cells by free radicals. A study also reveals that lycopene decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

heart health

There are many more health benefits of cherry tomatoes. It is said that they have compounds that offer protection against osteoporosis, brain damage, skin damage due to UV rays. Amazing, right?

How to include cherry tomatoes in your diet?

You can add cherry tomato to your green salad. You can also chop them and add them to minced garlic and onions along with lime juice to make tomato salsa to serve along with Mexican foods like tacos, burritos and tortilla chips. Saute them with other veggies and serve as an accompaniment to the main course be it grilled chicken or fish.  You can add them to practically any dish that needs tomatoes. You can simply pop in a few too while working in the kitchen!

They are dainty and attractive and that is why a favourite in the culinary world! So, get your hands on them and take your average looking dish to a different level.

Stay healthy and happy!

Hope you liked reading about the health benefits of cherry tomatoes and how to use them!

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