Childhood Obesity In India-Shocking Truth


Childhood Obesity In India-Shocking Truth

I had shared a status on my Facebook timeline –

Now a 11 year old wants to lose weight by Indian Weight Loss Blog Program ! When I missed his email, he told me I am ignoring him. Lol Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I laughed at the kid’s interpretation of me ignoring him but was saddened thinking how much peer pressure he would be facing.

child obesity india

I received yet another email from a 11 year oil girl and I confirmed her age coz I thought it was a typo !

indian weight loss program

An 11 year old child weighing whopping 85 kgs, a number that I would never want to see ever on my scale ! My eyes got wet, and I had no courage to respond 🙁

Child obesity is India’s shocking present and only time will tell, what will be the future !

An excerpt from Indian Journal Of Medical Research

A recent study conducted among 24,000 school children in south India showed that the proportion of overweight children increased from 4.94 per cent of the total students in 2003 to 6.57 per cent in 2005 demonstrating the time trend of this rapidly growing epidemic. Socio-economic trends in childhood obesity in India are also emerging. A study from northern India reported a childhood obesity prevalence of 5.59 per cent in the higher socio-economic strata when compared to 0.42 per cent in the lower socio-economic strata.

The figures are rising at an alarming level and likely to double by 2014. Will need to wait till end of this year for the latest study.

Another article from Times Of India,

  • one out of every three Indians is now overweight or obese, totaling up to 1.46 billion across the globe.
  • Between 1980 and 2008, obese people tripled, from 250 million to 904 million.
  • The percentage of obese and overweight in India rose from about 9% of the population in 1980 to 11 % in 2008.

Another interesting revelation from the study was the cause of such dangerous numbers. The study stated that many Indians are vegetarian and hence meat consumption is low due to cultural and religious reasons. That’s the reason why the consumption of pulses is relatively high in India, although it has been on the decline. It’s on decline since people like us believe in wheat withdrawal.

21st century has brought in the trend of Fast Food and children are its biggest victims. Maggi is every child’s favorite. I wonder how adding 4-5 bits of veggies could counter junk that it contains. How it could add health like it claims?

Every child knows about coke, pepsi, dominos, pizza hut, mcdonalds ! Is this not an indication that we have forgotten to eat natural?

Obese and overweight kids go through image issues due to which they eat more junk. Carbohydrates , are aptly named as comfort foods.

Its a responsibility of parents to guide their children about forming good habits, eating healthy food and leading a healthy life !

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