China Is Producing Fake Plastic Rice! Shocking!


Beware! China Is Producing Fake Plastic Rice that can harm health!

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Rice is an ancient grain which is a staple in most of the Asian countries. In India, rice has an important place. Right from the red tilak on the forehead to our dining table, rice just finds its place in an Indian household. With so much significance given to rice, you will be shocked to know that China has been producing fake rice for the last 4 years and it is still available in the market!


According to Singapore media, this so called rice is produced with potatoes, sweet potatoes and a shocking ingredient which is poisonous plastic! The shape of the rice is more like regular grains but the fact is that it remains hard after cooking (Now what do you expect from fake rice!). The matter of concern is that it can cause some serious health issues.

The rice that is in question is the Wuchang rice of China. This particular variety of rice is quite popular as it has a distinct smell and its price is almost double the amount you pay for normal rice. It is this quality of rice that is being adulterated with fake plastic rice. The sad part is that many consumers are not even aware that their much loved rice is being tampered with.

It was found that to dupe people, a small amount of real Wuchang rice is added to the fake plastic rice and sprayed with a fragrance in order to replicate the real smell. It is then packaged and shipped to several stores all over China. Annually, there is a production of 800,000 tons of real Wuchang rice, yet 10 million tons of the rice is sold. Whether plastic or another variety of rice more than 9 million tons are fake rice.

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Consuming 3 bowls of this fake plastic rice is equivalent to consuming one plastic bag! This is highly dangerous, plastic is not edible! It can be very dangerous causing some serious digestive problems and when consumed daily it can be fatal.

Most Chinese people consume more than ½ a pound of rice a day. Selling fake rice has been very profitable for the distributors but this way of money making is highly deplorable. You can rejoice when someone’s life is at stake!

The truth of this fake plastic rice came into the spotlight when the distributors started selling it outside China. Reports say that it has been found in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, India and Singapore.

In Philippines, the National Food Authority has taken up the responsibility of investigating certain reports of fake plastic rice being sold in their country. Reports say that a handheld ‘spectroscopy device’ is being used to detect the rice.

We all should keep our eyes wide open and make sure that we purchase rice from a trusted dealer. This plastic rice controversy has taken food adulteration to another level. In the past, people used to limit their malice to adding tiny stones to the sack of rice they sold. This idea of making fake rice inedible rice can only come into minds that are totally corrupt and inhuman.

Wasn’t it scary to know that China Is Producing Fake Plastic Rice?

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