What Chips To Eat And Avoid On a Weight Loss Diet?


Find Out What Chips To Eat And Avoid On a Weight Loss Diet!

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There is one thing that everybody will tell you during your weight loss journey and that is you shouldn’t be eating junk food. And this isn’t incorrect too! You are allowed to eat as many veggies as you like but chips, French fries and other delicious fried and salted/sweetened stuff is a no no. Isn’t it heart breaking? Having to say no to what you love the most. Stuffing in a handful of chips into your mouth and letting the flavour of the chips do their work is a bliss of a different level. Now if I tell you that you can eat chips even when on a diet, will you be happy?

Foods Which Make You Fat french fries

Yes, here is some good news for you. According to a nutritionists, you can go in for baked chips in place of the fried ones. However, before reaching gleefully to the pack of chips, you must keep in mind that not all baked chips are healthy. Even though they are baked, they are just empty calories. You get absolutely nil nutrition from them and they simply add up to your calorie count. Moreover, the commercial process of manufacturing of these chips does not render them 100% baked. For shelf life, they add preservatives and there goes all the goodness. So, even baked chips seem to be a not so good idea.

Check out What Chips To Eat And Avoid On a Weight Loss Diet:

Potato Chips – No! Even if they are baked potato chips are high in calories and provide no nutrition to the body. Having empty calories are of absolutely no use to you. So, potato chips are ruled out!

homemade potato chips junk food

Banana chips – You might feel that eating banana chips are a healthy optiom especially when they are baked. Sorry, you are mistaken. Just like potato chips, banana chips are having high amounts of sugar and salt. They are detrimental to your weight loss progress.

Tapioca chips – Tapioca chips are made using the roots of the cassava plant. Even sabudana is made from the same. Tapioca being rich in starch has a lot of calories in it. So, just like potato and bananas it is best to avoid them.

Jack fruit – Jackfruit chips are immensely delicious and aren’t just empty calories, Jackfruit is said to be rich in iron and is a great energy source. However, what you need to remember is that the micronutrients tend to get destroyed during the process of frying the chips.

Ragi chips – Baked Ragi chips are allowed when you are trying to lose weight as it is rich in calcium and iron. Ragi is a good source of iron too and consuming it can prevent anemia. The best part is that ragi gives you nutrients and not just empty calories. However, you should not start over- eating ragi chips as excess of everything is bad.

Ragi Chips what to chips to eat and avoid when on a weight loss diet, Chips To Eat And Avoid On a Weight Loss Diet

Soy chips or sticks – Soy sticks are said to be the best option when you are on a weight loss diet. They give you protein and being baked are definitely healthier than chips of other kinds.

Nacho chips – You get nacho chips almost everywhere these days. They are made out of cornmeal which is free of gluten and rich in iron. They are low in calories and you can enjoy them once in a while. Check the pack before purchasing as you need to eat the baked ones and avoid the fried variety.

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