Top 8 Health Benefits of Eating Chives


Health Benefits of Eating Chives

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Have you ever tried adding chives to your meal? They are a kind of garlic and hail from the family of herbs and vegetables called allium. The other members of the family include onions, scallions and leeks. All of them are pungent in taste, have essential nutrients and immensely powerful medicinal characteristics. Traditional medicines are being made out of them for centuries to help treat diseases and the list includes even cancer.

What are the health benefits of eating chives?

1)  Chives are potent enough to help treat cancer of the esophagus and of the abdomen. This is because they belong to the allium family and naturally have the compounds that fight the growth of cancerous tumours.

2) Consuming chives on a regular basis helps in improving your mental state and sleep. They have an active compound called choline that has an important role in helping individuals get sound sleep at night. This looks like an easy way to ensure that you sleep well as a lack of sleep can trigger many other health issues. Additionally, consuming chives regularly helps in improving one’s learning skill and memory.

3) They are good for the overall upkeep of bone health. They also have vitamin K which is well known in maintaining a healthy bone density.

4)  If you are searching for something that naturally alleviates depression, you can count on chives. They are a rich source of folic acid and that helps in keeping the production of homocysteine normal in the body. It also prevents high blood pressure in the body. Along with that, folic acid prevents birth defects in newborns.

5) They are also beneficial for the eyes and help in preventing the growth of cataract. Chives are rich in compounds that have a major role to play in maintaining eye health.

6) They boost immunity as they are rich in vitamin C. When you have a strong immunity, you are less likely to fall sick.

7) Individuals suffering from heart disorders are greatly benefitted by adding chives to their daily diet. This is because it contains potassium and an organic compound called allicin.

8) Being a rich source of quercetin, a natural compound, chives help in controlling arterial plaque and cholesterol levels. This way overall heart health will improve and this will protect you from stroke and other diseases of the heart. Regular consumption of chives will work well in lowering atherosclerosis, which is the hardening or stiffening of the walls of the arteries.

How to include chives in your diet?

You can take a step forward towards good health by adding chives to your daily diet. You can add to your salad, to your bowl of hot soup, use it to garnish salad a plate of pasta or any dish for that matter. You must not be aware of the fact that a single tbsp of chives has loads of vitamins and minerals to offer. Do include chives in your diet!

Hope you liked reading about the health benefits of eating chives!

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  1. Very informative article with scientific research mentions. And happy to know chives help to improve sleep as well.
    Yes, including chive in diet is good idea.

  2. hi Kanan,
    You told the chives details perfectly. But may I use it keeping in the fridge for a long time. And would I get the same benifite? Please let e know. I’ve intention on this.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment here. Yes you can store fresh chives in the refrigerator in a resealable plastic bag, keeping the air inside, for up to a week. Try placing the stems standing up in a glass or jar filled with a few inches of water and covered with a plastic bag. It’s advised not to wash them until ready to use as moisture will promote decay like in any other green leaves.


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