Choc-Ice versus FroYo Probiotics


Choc-Ice vs FroYo Probiotics

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Choc-Ice vs FroYo Probiotics, the debate continues

When you have a lot of ice-cream (such a dream for most of us), mom screams hoarse – sore throats, coughs and colds, and yes, the added calories too. But, researchers across the globe now say an ice-cream which has a lot of friendly bacteria in it, can help with various health benefits.

What the research says?

For example; Scientists at Pacific Dental College and Hospital, in India say, if choc-ice contains ‘bifidobacteria’ (found in the human body), it would have benefits for us. There were 30 volunteers who were given the ‘probiotic choc-ice’ for 18 days; the levels of streptococci found in such patients were lower than those who didn’t have the ice cream, say reports – Oral Health Preventive Dentistry.


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Sources say, probiotics are the reason why friendly strains are introduced into the body and remove the harmful bacteria away.


Frozen yogurt now has lesser calories, much less in saturated fats than what the regular ice cream would have. However, if you insist on having ‘low-fat’ icecream, saturated fats and the calories do not change.

You also have to keep a check on which flavours would be great for you to consume, because some flavours for accentuation needs would have more sugar in them than the ice-cream contents. Most companies manufacturing ice-cream and yogurt would have their ‘nutritional information’ on display – very valuable sources to check out.

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Froyo and probiotics

We are often confused when it comes to understanding ‘probiotics’ – it is a beneficial bacteria that helps with the food digestion process. You would find probiotics in fermented foods and yogurts, but do they survive the sub-zero temperatures?

There are no standard definitions for the same by the FDA in the U.S, and one cannot guarantee that yogurt brands would not contain probiotics too. So how do we know what is what? The only way is to look for is the “National Yogurt Association Live & Active Cultures seal”

How to have it?

  • Be moderate in your servings, half a cup maybe and this would be perfectly fine with regard to the intake of calories. If you are being served, demand the smallest size and stick to that
  • Plenty of fruits, fresh and chopped would be great. This is a great way to steer clear from sugar and honey, and to bring in natures goodness in real sweetness. In addition to that, you wouldn’t have extra-calories added to your body too.
  • For more sweetness to the yogurt, should your sweet tooth bug you for the same, combine fruits and brownie bits (not too many). Come up with your own toppings, but keep the calorie check in place.

So here it is, the debate between probiotic choc-ice and FroYo! I hope you can understand what this means – ice cream and frozen yogurt is good, but not in excess. I would also encourage you to check online and to read a little more on what research scholars and experts have to say – there are many papers published with new findings, which could help us. Fortunately, most of the findings have been done in India, Gujarat being one of the sources.

So no more feeling low being a sweet-toothed victim, there is still a way to munch a bar or two of delightful probiotic or frozen icecream. Happy nomnomnoming!

Choc-Ice vs FroYo Probiotics – What’s your take?

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