How To Choose Healthy Comfort Foods?


How To Choose Healthy Comfort Foods?

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Okay, so it was a bad day at office, your car got punctured on your way back and it started raining. OMG! What a typical bad day!! So, you reach home and search for that food that will comfort you. One question- is comfort food chosen by you healthy? Well, it can be if you are a little careful.

Generally speaking comfort foods are high calorie stuff that can turn a moment’s happy indulgence into a guilt filled ride. When you crave for a mood lifting snack that is also healthy, you can opt for the following comfort foods:

Nut butter toast

peanut butter benefits

When you feel low just spread some peanut butter or almond butter (or any other butter for that matter) on a slice of whole wheat bread and enjoy! The nutty taste of nut butter is bound to perk up your mood.

Roasted sweet potato chips

Roasted sweet-potato-chips comfort food

Feel like munching on some chips. Go ahead! Opt for roasted sweet potato chips that are healthier than potato chips. Plus they are roasted and not fried making them a better choice. One packet of roasted sweet potato chips has about 180 calories.

Frozen yoghurt

frozen yoghurt not healthy

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a tub of ice-cream, swap it for frozen yoghurt. Yes, ice-cream is the most favourite comfort food but frozen yoghurt is equally yummy and less in calories. It is loaded with the goodness of curd and is definitely a better option. You can add some berries to it to make it even more yummy and healthy!


Benefits of eating Khichdi- the comfort food

Khichdi is the desi food that is a much sought after remedy for various ailments. It is a comfort food too. It is a healthy comfort food as it is light on the belly, easy to digest and also gluten free. This makes it a healthy and wholesome meal. You can even add veggies to it to make it nutritious and tasty.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup recipe

For those who enjoy their non-veg food, chicken soup is an all time favourite comfort food. One bowl of chicken soup has 270 calories. It is quite filling as well as nutritious. The warmth of the soup will definitely lift your mood.

Fruit sorbet

fruit sorbet healthy italian food

If you are watching your weight, it isn’t mandatory that you have to give up on desserts. The trick is to include healthy desserts in your diet. You can always relish a bowl of fruit sorbet. It is made by blending fruits and freezing them like ice cream. If you don’t add sugar to it, it can be the healthiest way of satisfying your sweet tooth and uplifting your mood.


2080puffed rice

Another desi comfort food! Yes, it definitely is comforting but is it healthy? You can turn it into a healthy food by skipping the sev and puri. Just add puffed rice, onion, chutney and other bhel ingredients and enjoy it without guilt. Puffed rice is gluten free too!

Red wine

red wine healthy

If your comfort food is alcohol then have red wine. It will help in relaxing you and offer you a lot of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. However, you shouldn’t go overboard when it comes to the quantity. Limit yourself to just a single glass of red wine.

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