Choosing A Right Bra|Side Effects Of Wrong Bra


Choosing A Right Bra|Side Effects Of Wrong Bra      

 bra diariesHi Guys! This is a girly post, guys please excuse (read on if you really need to know the bra story… hehe).  So we all know that wearing a bra is essential for a great shape and support for our boobs, but do we really know how important it is to choose a right bra for us? And the effects of choosing a wrong bra can have on you?

In India very few of us actually know the importance of wearing a bra, leave alone the right size, hence most of us have to deal with a wrong bra size and the consequences of the same! Bra is still treated in a hush-hush tone in the house, why? Doesn’t everyone know by now we wear one?!

So ladies, here is how you choose a right fitting bra:

  1. Take a measuring tape and measure the area where your elastic strap lays, that is the area just below your chest, over your ribs, this would be your bra size, like 32 or 34..

  2. Measure over your chest, like over the boob section, this should be comfortable and not tightly measured, this gives you your cup size, like B or C or D, obviously the tape won’t tell you the A, B, C, below given chart will!

bra size

Thus, with these two steps you can easily find your right bra size, now further things to be kept in mind while choosing a bra…

  1. When you try a bra on, the cup size must be molded to your breast, your breast must not pop out of the mold of the cups, So a right bra cup must be perfect for your breast, there should be no space empty or any spillage from cup. Boobs must fill the cup perfectly.bra diaries pink
  2. The belt of the bra must not ride on the back, meaning it should not slide upwards on your back.
  3. Try rotating your arms up and around, if your boobs start to fall out the bottom, that’s not your right size girl!
  4. There must be no bulging back! Absolute No-no. A bulging back means a tight bra.bra diaries before after

I hope you get a gist of how important a right bra is, and how granted we take it. You may be thinking what’s wrong with the one I wear? It’s not exactly harming me in any way is it? It fits on certain days… For all you girlies who are happy with their bra covering any/all of the above points, here is what is wrong with wearing a wrong bra:

  1. Back Ache: A wrong sized bra especially for heavy busted women may cause back ache as the whole weight of the bust is not evenly divided and this causes extra load on the back, so be cautious!

  2. Bust pain: A tight bra will cause your breast to be presses against the body leading to breast pain.

  3. Sagging breast: A wrong bra may not provide adequate support to the breast and cause them to sag and make them heavier.bra sagging

  4. Shoulder and neck pain: A wrong bra size will put extra pressure on your back muscles which eventually pressurizes the shoulder and neck muscles.

  5. Cancer threat: A tight bra can block proper blood flow to the breast tissues and thus lead to breast cancer.

 bra breast cancer

  1. Bad posture: With an ill-fitting bra, the back muscles have to bear a brunt and thus affect your over-all posture.

Scary right? Who would have thought a wrong bra choice would cause all that huh! But it’s true, though a small essential in our wardrobe it does have a huge impact on our overall body. So help yourself to make a better choice for yourself.

This is Pooja ..Ciao.

Hope you found this post useful.

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