Cinderella Weight Challenge


Cinderella Weight Challenge

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Aiming to lose weight by following a healthy diet is quite different from starving and losing weight. However, these days, people don’t want to play safe and are ready to go to every extreme just to get slim. They don’t realize that by following impractical diets and challenges, they are only harming their health. There are a lot of fad diets on the internet that are out rightly dangerous. One among them is the ‘Cinderella Weight Challenge’.

‘Cinderella Weight Challenge’

It sounds weird but those who take part in this challenge need to stick to a formula to calculate something called their ‘Cinderella weight’ and follow a diet plan that helps them reach that weight. All this is to be done to just look like a Disney princess. I wonder, how on earth can someone have such a petite waist?

Thanks to twitter, this weight loss challenge went viral in February 2018. Since Cinderella is a female Disney character, most women began accepting this so called weight loss challenge. The alarm bells were ringing in many countries but many people started trying out this challenge.

How is the Cinderella weight calculated?

There is a formula to calculate a person’s Cinderella weight. Your height needs to be converted into meters and then be multiplied with the same number. The resultant number needs to be multiplied with 18 and then you get your Cinderella weight. To make this calculation easier to comprehend, let’s consider someone with a height of 5 feet 3 inches. After calculation, the final Cinderella weight of the person should be 49 kgs. This is not right and quite dangerous.

It is being said that the diet trend started in Japan and has been spreading like wild fire on Twitter. On the micro-blogging site, a lot of people still are sharing their current weight as well as their ‘Cinderella weight’. However, this trend is rather risky and there are people who are advising against aspiring for such unrealistic body goals.

Take home message

Time and again it has been pointed out that starving to lose weight is dangerous and not advisable. People should use their common sense and make the right decision because even the actress Lily James who played the part of Cinderella in the movie weighs more than the so called Cinderella weight.

There are so many diets that claim to make you lose weight rapidly but you must know which one is a healthy diet and which one a fad.

You need to remember….

  • Your weight loss goals have to be realistic and it is advised that you consult a qualified dietitian before you start any kind of diet regime.
  • Learn to first love your body and try becoming healthy instead of getting skinny.
  • Your approach towards fitness needs to be positive and you must go along with the flow.
  • Don’t force yourself with any kind of weird diet that sounds too good to be true.

Your body is the temple of your soul and you must make efforts to keep it healthy.

Hope you are never going to follow Cinderella Weight Challenge!

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