Circuit Training and Weight Loss

circuit training and weight loss

Circuit Training and Weight Loss

Circuit training is considered a quick way to achieve a fit body. Circuit training is a form of exercise aimed at conditioning body and building resistance. It includes short bursts of high-intensity workout of a particular group of muscles which is quickly followed by another short burst for a different muscle group. When all the workout groups are completed, it is the completion of a single circuit. Another circuit is started afterwards which involves the same exercises.

circuit training and weight loss

Is rest needed?

Even though there is almost no interval between exercises, not much rest is needed. This is so because, every exercise targets a different muscle group. Circuit training quickens the heart rate.

A high heart rate signals faster burning of calories. Fat is burned and muscles are built in circuit training. Circuit training includes weight training interspersed with aerobic exercise. In a short duration of 30 minutes, these two activities are done alternatively without a long interval.

Circuit training is suitable for both men and women. It is especially preferred by those who have less time or are simply lazy and don’t want to give a lot of time to exercising.

When done 3-4 times a week, circuit training not only firms up your body but it also helps in cutting the flab. This type of exercise is good for maintaining weight and loosing a few kilos.

Circuit training exercises are not meant for achieving long term fitness goals. This does not mean that you cannot include this in your routine. Circuit training benefit is that it increases metabolic rate and the exercisers continue burning fat even after they are done exercising.

Are you are new to workouts or just don’t have much time to spend, circuit training can be the right choice for you.

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