IWB Weight Loss Program-Client 10Kgs Down In a Month


IWB Weight Loss Program-Client 10Kgs Down In a Month

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since we shared success of yet another happy client of IWB weight loss program! Today’s story is special, not only because our client lost a whopping weight of 10kgs in just 1 month – 30 days to be precise. It is also special because this story is about a young student. Students are the future of any country, there is no bigger strength than youth of a nation! When the confidence of a student goes down, we all somewhere are responsible for it. We did our best to help this strong willed girl to get her confidence back. Let’s hear what she has to say!




Hi everyone!
I was considered “very cute” since my childhood and never realised when that “cuteness” changed into being overweight. After I reached college in year 2010, I started comparing myself with others yet I never considered weight loss as my priority because I was more of a bookworm. At that time I weighed 60 kg, but by the time I was in my 3rd year and decided to join a gym I had reached 73 kg. The realization that I looked way beyond my actual age came when someone remarked that I looked like a mother of 2 children. That was the time I started taking care of me and following a  diet plan given to me by my gym instructor. My hard work paid and I lost weight to reach 69 kg. After my graduation, I stayed at home for 6 months and all the weight that I had lost in the past year, came back pushing the scale to 80 kg. I had become a big round ball and with everyone’s looks and comments, I went into depression. That was the time when I decided to take weight loss pills, but nothing happened. Instead of losing weight, I caught a severe stomach infection.
IWB client weight loss 01
And the final nail in the coffin was the comment that was passed on me that beauty comes in all sizes. This comment made me realise that I was in serious need to lose weight. In the past one year I had not only gained weight but also began to look older than my real age. I was not able to wear my favourite clothes because I was just trying to cover and hide my bulges. I was becoming an internet addict as I avoided going out. I kept surfing through facebook and saw pictures of girls of my age who lost weight due to the determination and personalized meal plans. All that surfing brought me to IWB Weight Loss Program and thought of giving it a try.
IWB client weight loss 02
Though I was apprehensive in the beginning thinking that weight loss programs might lead to never ending weight issues.
Anyhow I decided to give myself a chance and to my surprise, with the help of IWB Program Team, I not only lost weight but there was a huge inches loss also. The scales moved from 80 kg to 70 kg and I actually started fitting into the clothes that I never thought I would ever and at one point of time had decided of discarding them. My dress size shifted from XL to M in a month’s time.
My weight loss journey with IWB has just started as I am targetting to reach 50 kg.
IWB client weight loss 03
The best thing I love about this program is that IWB Team answers all your doubts in real time and doesn’t let you get demotivated. The individual attention given by Mentors give you a kick to stay on the target. The exceptionally good focus on your goals, food choices and motivation by the IWB Weight Loss Team is the best part of this program. The daily feedback plays a very important role in making you stay on track.
I have lost 10 kgs in a month and yes I would definitely suggest everyone one to go for this personalised weight loss program. I would like everyone to think of not only just becoming slim but also perfectly healthy and adapted to a healthy lifestyle suggested and trained by them.  Thank you IWB Team !!!
Join our program, change your life! Email us fitnessvsweightloss@gmail.com

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