Coca-Cola Life Review-Is it healthier than coke?


Coca-Cola Life Review-Is it healthier than coke?

Hi all,

I have been checking out various health foods available at the super market and I came across Coke in green label. I wondered what it was and found out it has stevia; I was a bit apprehensive about stevia and then Kanan and Tarun told me that is perfectly fine to have it.

My first look at the coke bottle was what now! Usually, I do not drink such colas, and I would not even bother if they fashion it as Coke life or hell 😀 . Anyhow, here is a little study I did for Coke life:

Coca-Cola Life Review

Coke Life

Sugar is Omni-present:

Coke life label

I attach the label here, sugar tops the chart, and it is in fact, sweetened with sugar in large quantities. Usually in the advertisements it is mentioned that this coke life is sweetened with Stevia leaves, (period). It does not say that it has some amount of stevia only. I guess the only savior is that it may have less sugar than its counterpart.

Stevia came last in the race:

Now after label reading, usually items listed last on the list is least in quantity. So far so not good, the sugar is present other items are also present and Stevia is listed last. So the quantity of Stevia is really less. Imagine having Digestive biscuits reviewed earlier (Read review here), has everything Maida sugar and all the works but, at the end they add some whole wheat to it.

Rot my teeth:

coke babyI have noticed that kids in the UK have a lot of teeth problems, and I always see a coke in their hands. I was travelling to Liverpool one time and it was early morning, I saw a small girl who for her breakfast was having a 500 ml Coke bottle along with her snack. Imagine, parents do not realize until the kids have real issues with their teeth. I suggest keeping Colas at bay and sticking to milkshakes or fresh juices. But I guess that is really losing touch.

Say hello to fat paunch:

paunch of cokeI see some of the dear ones having coke with every meal and then tell me, I never seem to lose weight. I wonder how they will, eating a salad or a diet pizza and compromising on a nice home cooked meal, and how they will ever understand. I am not saying quit all these things, I know it is essential for survival, but it should not be a habit. I am just saying I love my Dal Chaval, with ghee (of course!!).

My verdict:

Anyhow, the taste of Coke Life is not any different; in fact no one will be able to guess. I suggest that enjoy and indulge in it at times. And Coke Life is less of an evil. I also found out that Fanta and Sprite also has Stevia in it, they have not been advertising that much, but they have been doing it for over a year now. But the same ingredient list follows. After all, if you are enjoying junk, you would not like to compromise on taste 😛
Much life to all.

This post has not been sponsored by the Company or its associates, my views are personal and are based on research only.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post on Coke Life.

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