Cocktails To Avoid When On A Diet


Cocktails To Avoid When On A Diet

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Love pubbing?? And yeah New Year party is round the corner! But you are watching your weight… hmm. Just wanting to stay fit and healthy should not make you a social outcast. Nutritionists say that you can achieve their weight loss goals even while hitting the bar occasionally. You just need to be smart while making choices. Just keep two things in mind when picking your drink- calories and the alcohol content. Calories present in mixers (which are simple and refined sugars) are a major hindrance for anyone who is watching their weight. On top of it clubbing mixers with alcohol is the perfect recipe for disaster because the body processes alcohol first and thus inhibits fat burning.

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Cocktails that better be off your list


A Glass Of Wine This Christmas margarita

In most bars, pre-made commercial sour mix is used in Margaritas and they are basically heavy on sugar. Having just one drink can cost you 400 calories and if you drink 2, you are just a little under completing your total daily need of calories! What you can do instead is ask the bartender to make your Margarita with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Mai Tai

Mai Tai is Polynesian and has rum, pineapple and orange juice with Curacao liquour. A single drink has about 250 calories in it. But this fruity cocktail has a high sugar content (around 18 g) and that is not good! This alcohol cum high sugar combo is linked to obesity. Better to skip it!


When made traditionally, a Daiquiri has rum, a dash of lemon juice and syrup, completely chilled. It will be worse if you are served a ready to drink one as it is richer in sugar. For taste as well as health concerns, it is best to insist that your drink should be made right before you with fresh ingredients. And please don’t buy a frozen mix as it has contains high fructose corn syrup, raspberry puree, banana, lime juice, orange, lemon and lime pulp. 1/4th a cup has 120 calories +60 calories from rum.

White Russian

White Russian just can’t be made without a generous addition of heavy cream. This makes it a heavyweight drink. It is made with cream, vodka and Kahlua, just one glass can add about 500 calories to your daily kitty of saturated fat. mixologists are of the opinion that you mix the cream with milk, but you won’t have a very luscious drink.

Better drink options

Red wine

A Glass Of Wine This Christmas india

An average glass of red wine has about 115 calories and 4 g of carbs. For ladies it is better to stick to just one glass and the men should stop with 2. If you are having it with dinner, cut down on the breads and pasta. Just stick to veggies and lean protein. Be sure about your serving size. Limit your glass to 400 ml.

Ultralight beer

While regular beer has around 100 calories per serving, ultralight beer starts at 55 calories! Of course they have a lesser content of alcohol.


Martini is the famous ‘James bond’ drink. The one having gin, vermouth, lemon and olives has 100 calories in one serving.

So, now when you hit the bar you will know which drink to choose for maintaining your weight 😉

Happy pubbing!



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