Coconut Flour And Its Health Benefits


Coconut Flour And Its Health Benefits

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The popularity of coconut flour is increasing day by day as more and more people are getting aware of its health benefits. It is used as a delicious and gluten free alternative to the other flours.

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Nutritional profile of coconut flour

Coconut flour is high in protein, healthy fats and fibre. It is completely free from wheat and any other grains. It is low in sugar, carbs and calories. It has a low score on the GI too!

All this makes coconut flour a much sought after food of paleo dieters, gluten free eaters including both celiac disease patients and those suffering from gluten sensitivity, those who have digestive issues like leaky gut syndrome, those with nut allergy, diabetes patients and almost everyone!

About a quarter cup of coconut flour i.e. about 28 g has about

  • 120 calories
  • 16 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g of sugar
  • 4 g of fat
  • 4 g protein
  • 10 g of fibre

What is coconut flour exactly?

coconut flour and its health benefits

Coconut flour is basically made from coconut meat that is ground and dried. When you remove the coconut’s husk and break it open, the white lining is the coconut meat. Coconut flour is not really a flour. It has zero grains, zero nuts and is all in all pure coconut. To get the dry flour the white meat of the coconut is scraped from the inside. The coconut milk is extracted and strained. After the meat is separated from the milk of the coconut, it is baked at a temperature that is low so that it gets dried out and turns into a powder like flour.

Health benefits of coconut flour

Coconut flour has impressive health benefits to offer:

Helps boost metabolism

One of the several health benefits of coconut flour is that it has lots of healthy saturated fats and in the form of medium chain fatty acids. The healthy fat is used by the body for energy, to support a healthy metabolism and to balance levels of blood sugar. Isn’t that great?

Is high in fibre

Coconut meat has 61% of dietary fibre. And the body does not essentially absorb fibre. Some of the calories and carbs present in coconut flour are not even absorbed and used by the body. They are instead moved through the digestive tract and that helps in taking toxins and waste out of the system.

Maintains a healthy level of blood sugar

Coconut flour doesn’t spike the levels of blood sugar levels as it has a low GI. Actually studies even show that consuming foods made out of coconut flour can help in lowering the effect of the food on blood levels and helps in supporting stable blood sugar levels. Having a low GI has many health benefits to offer, especially for people suffering from diabetes and for those who want to reach a healthy weight.

Improves heart health

Coconut flour can also help boost heart health! Studies show that coconut flour has the ability to lower bad cholesterol levels in people who already have raised levels of cholesterol. This effect is because of a high content of soluble and insoluble fibre present in coconut flour. It also has a healthy content of MUFA fat.

heart health

Using coconut flour

A little amount of coconut flour is sufficient in your recipes. Just two table spoons of it are enough to get great results.

A two tbsp serving of coconut flour has

  • 60 calories.
  • 5 g of fibre
  • 8 g of carbs

So, it sounds pretty good for those who are following a low carb diet, a low calorie diet or want to increase the fibre in their diet.

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