Coconut oil for Detoxification – How to use it?


Learn how to use coconut oil for Detoxification

Coconut oil is one of the best ingredients for detoxification and fulfills the purpose of cleansing your body without any side effects. It is the best source of energy as it comprises of many fatty acids. One of the best and natural ways to cleanse your body system is the use of coconut oil. This detoxification process is best for those who are suffering from fungal or yeast infections, as coconut oil has the ability to fight with various bacteria and micro-organisms instantly and protects your immune system.


The process of detoxification is quite simple, but one has to follow certain steps in order to make sure that it is done in a proper manner. Let us get started on how to use coconut oil for detoxification!

1. The first and most important step before starting the process of detoxification is to indulge your body in a habit of consuming coconut oil. Try to consume coconut oil daily approximately 1-2 tbsp before every meal. It is very important to make your body comfortable in taking the coconut oil.

2. After this, cook your every meal with coconut oil. Make sure that coconut oil should not be consumed in greater quantities; it should be approximately 14 tbsp throughout a day. During the process of detoxification, eight to ten glasses of water needs to be added into your diet. Try to do light core exercises instead of high energy impact workouts as it will end up in high sweating.

3. While undergoing the process of detoxification, it is essential to include healthy and nutritional ingredients in your diet. Fried foods, artificial sweeteners, packed and frozen foods should be avoided as it leaves a bad impact on your digestive system. Consumption of fruits (apples, citrus fruits, mangoes and pineapples) and vegetables is very necessary as it will help you to gain large amount of fibers and energy in a single go. Wholegrain food items such as brown rice, bread, and oats should be included but not in a larger amount.

4. There are lots of symptoms that can be observed if your body is recently introduced to coconut oil. People undergoing the process of coconut oil detoxification for the first time often suffer from symptoms such as dizziness, flue, stiffness in joints and headaches. People at a very early stage do not even feel good, but such indicators are a great sign of detoxification as it eliminates harmful toxins such as fungal, yeast micro-organisms from the body. These symptoms last for around 3-4 days, but your body will gradually feel comfortable with the use of coconut oil in your meal.


Detoxification process should be carried out by every individual within short intervals of time. Detoxification process by coconut oil is one of the best natural methods as it is very necessary to eliminate harmful toxins and bacteria from our body. This oil not only aids you to eliminate toxins but also provides you energy to a greater extent. This is one of the ideal sources which speeds up the process of detoxification and makes your body healthy and free from microbial and parasitic infections.

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