Why Coconut Oil Is The New Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Weight Loss?

Why is Coconut Oil Good For you?

Why Coconut Oil Is The New Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Weight Loss?

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We Indians, are obsessed with foreign brands and products. Extra virgin olive oil(EVOO) has become a rage in India. However, extra virgin olive oil is extremely healthy and there is nothing bad about adopting it. What I find weird is when people run after fancy things, not giving attention to local cheaper options.


Coconut oil for example is by far and large world’s best fat to lose weight. It is much cheaper than extra virgin olive oil. Organic coconut oil would retail at maximum Rs 150 for 500 ml whereas extra virgin olive oil would be somewhere between Rs 600-700 for 500 ml.

Coming to the taste, Olive oil has a unique taste. People don’t prefer to cooking Indian style vegetables or curries using olive oil. Same goes with coconut oil which has a peculiar taste. South Indian folks are used to cooking in coconut oil but North Indian people usually don’t like its taste.

There is a trick to cook in coconut oil to kill that taste. Heat the oil on high flame, in my experience it does kill the strange smell and when the curry is ready, you can’t make out if it has coconut oil.

Let us now come back to topic – Why Coconut Oil Is The New Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Weight Loss?

We already discussed that coconut oil is cheaper, local, less adulterated, and easily available. Let’s talk about the effectiveness of coconut oil in losing weight.

Coconut oil has a very unique combination of fatty acids, that helps the metabolism. There are various studies which prove that adopting coconut oil in your lifestyle can make you lose fat, especially abdominal fat. We all know that most of the Indian women and men if fat, will have fat on abdominal area in most of the cases.

You may want to ask what makes coconut oil different. Well, coconut oil contains MCT i.e medium chain fatty acids whereas most of the foods usually have long chain fatty acids. MCTs are metabolized much differently. They are directly sent to liver from digestive track to be used for energy instantaneously or to be made into ketone bodies. In some studies it is found that medium chain fatty acids are stored less efficiently. In one experiment on rats, they were overfed with MCT’s. They gained less weight and body weight.

Another important characteristic of coconut oil is that it tends to increase fat burning as compared to same amount of calories from other fat say ghee, butter or extra virgin olive oil. This is because coconut oil is thermogenic in nature. One study found that 1-2 table spoon of MCTs everyday can increase energy expenditure by about five percent which is approximately 110-120 calories. You will find several studies claiming that MCT’s help to burn more calories without even trying.

Last but not the least, medium chain fatty acids increase satiety. Eating same calories of coconut oil can make you feel fuller as compared to any other fat which leads to low calorie intake since you won’t eat more.

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One important tip! Any fat is densely packed with calories. If you are eating coconut oil in addition to your daily calories, it will make you gain weight not lose weight. Add coconut oil to you diet to reduce your appetite so that you eat less food instead. Replace junk with 1-2 table spoon of coconut oil in your main meals and see the difference over a few months!

I hope this post would make you think why there is a mad rush over extra virgin olive oil!



Will you include coconut oil in your diet?

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