Coffee Withdrawal And The Symptoms



Coffee Withdrawal And The Symptoms

Heya! Howz you? Am doing great.. thank you… I am generally really this energetic after my coffee! Oh so yum, am like forever indebted to the person who invented coffee, bless your soul!

Yup, you guessed it, am a coffee lover, to the core, so much so that, the other day when there was no coffee at home I was really on my toes to buy one soon. No, am not addicted to it, I just take a light coffee in the morning, but I really need that perk up in the morning cause I just don’t like the whole get up and face the day idea, no clue whats wrong?


My mom hates this habit though, and seeing me on my toes had a list of “how bad coffee is for you” rant and then why I should quit it forever and drink bournvita instead :/ So that got me thinking, what if she really stops getting the coffee in the house? Oh yea, she has done it once before, am sure she wouldn’t mind doing it again. So here is my combat plan, I’ve drawn up a list of things that I may face if I was put off coffee, that’s right a coffee withdrawal list:


Yup, I am talking about coffee withdrawal symptoms. Here is the top of my list thing, I really don’t think am up until a cup of coffee is down. Its like am just sleepwalking through the house :p


Been there… 1 week of not having coffee had started giving me a headache, and I kid you not, they are hammering headaches.


True that, I would just snap at everyone if things were getting in my way. I would snap for no reason.



Did you know that if you are feeling some issue with your bowel movements coffee is a cure? And having coffee every day and then not taking it suddenly is going to make you end up constipated!

No or low concentration:

Since, all you will think about is obviously your concentration is going to be low. On a serious note, it does affect your concentrating power.


Caffeine withdrawal can take away all hope for living. Temporary though, you can overcome this type of depression.

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This happens in the really addicted case, when you cannot have the coffee you love and desire you won’t be able to sleep, just like the feeling of break up with a true love :p

Body pain:

This is really a muscle pain due to low blood flow into them, who knew that coffee would cause muscle pain?

So with this list its not such a big addiction that cannot be cured, just a bit of self control and once your body is used to the no coffee it settles down in the new routine, just when it understands that no whining is going to work!


By the way, you feel these syndromes with anything with caffeine. So lets not blame  only coffee here, even things like energy drinks containing caffeine are going to make you experience these symptoms.

So, if you are planning on quitting caffeine, be ready to face a few days of dread and then you will be good to go… 🙂

This is Pooja, Ciao!

So now you know all about the Coffee withdrawal and the things to look out for?

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