Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell Review-Dumbbell For Women


Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell Review – Dumbbell For Women

I love to remain fit & healthy and keep a track of my fitness level from time to time. A proper diet along with some fitness workouts is a must for a healthy mind & body. I am really very cautious about my diet in this regard & to make sure that I workout regularly even if I am not able to go to the gym regularly, I bought these fixed weight dumbbell and since then fitness has never been same for me!

Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell Review
Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell Review

About Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell-

Key Features

  • Neoprene Coated
  • Fixed Weight Set

Working out on a regular basis will keep your body and mind refreshed and active. Get these Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbells (2 kg each) which have been designed to help you strengthen various parts of your body.

Neoprene Coated

As these dumbbells are neoprene coated, they are easy to hold and offer a better grip.

Promotes Increased Calorie Burn and Enhances Cardiovascular Fitness & Provide Effective Cross Training.

Fixed weight set

The fixed weight set allows you to plan your workout according to your convenience and comfort.


Price INR 900. It is available at discount on

My Experience about Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell-

Going by my personal experience I find these dumbbells to be quite reasonably priced and are great for women. It is easy to lift and you will feel good about your cardiovascular activities. The color is no great though, I think I should have opted for some other color but the experience of working out with these dumbbells is tremendously good.

These are fit to be used only girls as I don’t think their hand will be able to fit in these dumbbells! lol!

This will work well for all females as the grip is quite great.

The main advantage of these fixed weight dumbbells is that one needs not store it somewhere safe away from reach of children as the weights might fall off on disturbing them. This is a good thing with this dumbbell as you can keep it anywhere in the house.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase as it is an amazing tool for self workout! It is just the color of the product that I strongly dislike.

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  • Apt for girls/women
  • Amazing for self workout at home
  • Provides a perfect grip
  • Coated with Neoprene making them easy to lift
  • Fixed weight makes it easy to store


  • Color is not good

Rating– 4/5

Hope you found this Cofit W 3203 Neoprene Fixed Weight Dumbbell review useful.