Cold Cucumber Soup For Weight Loss


Cold Cucumber Soup For Weight Loss

ColdCucumber Soup For Weight Loss

Summers are on the way out and surprisingly this time I just forgot my favourite Cold Cucumber Soup, which I generally used to make during summer parties at home. I really love this soup due to various reasons firstly it is one soup that can be made in a few minutes, secondly it is just three ingredients recipe and above all a low calorie filling recipe for those lazy summer evenings when you just feel like having a cup of something chilled with some Coleslaw.

Cold Cucumber Soup


Cold Cucumber Soup For Weight Loss

Cucumber – 200 gm

Double Toned milk – 500 ml

Salt, pepper for seasoning.


  • Peel and grate cucumber fine.

Cucumber Soup For Weight Loss

  • Add milk to it.
  • Then Add salt, black pepper and a bit of roasted zeera according to taste.

Cucumber Soup For WeightLoss

  • Mix well….. Ta da da … your easiest possible Cold Cucumber Soup for Weight Loss is ready to be served.
  • You can make it in advance and keep it in fridge too. Chilled cucumber soup tastes heavenly.

ColdCucumber Soup For Weight Loss

For a detox lunch serve this to youself or anyone with a platter of fruits.

big platter low calories

The above quantity will give you two servings.

This is a very low calorie soup with moderate carbs.

Would you like to try this Cold Cucumber Soup for weight loss?

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