Cold Water Vs Warm Water – Which Is Better?


Cold Water Vs Warm Water

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There is nothing like a tall and cold glass of water to quench your thirst on a hot summer day! Is drinking cold water always the best option or should we opt for warm water?

Well, there are times when cold water is better than warm water! Cold water vs warm water. Let us have a look!

The right time to drink cold water

Can you lose weight by drinking cold water


When you exercise the body’s core temperature rises. Sweating is the mechanism that is used by the body to help you cool down. However, a lot of water and electrolytes get lost and need to be replenished. Sipping on cold water while working out rehydrates the body along with help it in cooling down. In one study, there was a comparison between drinking water at room temperature and cold water while working out. The researchers discovered that participants who consumed cold water kept their core temperature down 50 percent longer than the group consuming water at room temperature.

Weight loss

It is said that when you drink cold water your metabolism will get boosted and this will help in burning additional calories. However, some experts say that the calories burned by drinking cold water hardly make any difference and it is by no means an obesity cure. Still there is no harm in trying 😉

The right time to drink warm or hot water

Hot water diet for weight loss


People drink warm water in the morning because it is said to stimulate digestion. Having cold water with meals can adversely affect the digestive process. It takes longer to get the food digested and assimilated. So, those with digestive issues should drink warm water.


For cleansing your body it is advisable to drink water at room temperature with a lemon squeezed into it. This way digestion will be stimulated and toxins can be flushed out.

Pain relief

Warm or hot water is the best thing to drink when you have a headache or are suffering from inflammation. It is also a good remedy for treating menstrual cramps.


Warm water is the best thing to remedy when you are suffering from constipation. Warm water stimulates the flow of blood and soothes the intestines.

What do ancient systems of medicine say?

Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors have been saying for thousands of years that you should not drink cold water. The logic behind it is that cold water has the overall effects of shrinking, contracting and slowing down. Warm water on the other hand increases healthy blood flow and circulation and protects internal organs.

Similarly, ayurveda is also against drinking cold water. Both the systems of medicines are very old and at that point of time the focus was on conservation of energy and not on weight loss. However, these are time tested systems of medicine that are relevant even today. So, if you want to ensure healthy digestion and maintain high levels of energy it is better to drink warm water or the one at room temperature.

Cold Water Vs Warm Water – Which Is Better?

Health professionals advise people to stick to water at room temperature. It is better to take an account of the outside temperature. On a hot day, you can drink cold water and on a cold winter day you should opt for warm or hot water. Most people prefer cold water as it tastes good but water at room temperature can b equally enjoyable. Just listen to your body as it is the best health expert.

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