Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health?


Colouring Is Good For Your Health – Find Why?

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Are you aware of the fact that 50% of the books sold on Amazon in 2015 were adult coloring books? It is something extremely positive as today’s world is all about tweeting, mailing, chatting on messenger and staying glued to the laptop screen. Seeing so many people shunning the technology and creating art is indeed beautiful.

Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health - colouring book

Researchers and yogis are of the opinion that colours have a calming effect and can be in particularly helpful for those who are trying to recover from addiction. Experts say that the effect of colouring on the brain is that it relieves stress that is essential in treating someone suffering from addiction.

Find out the 8 reasons Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health?

1) Colouring helps in reducing anxiety

The main issue for those in the recovery phase is being unable to find peace without using alcohol or the drugs they were addicted to. According to a recent study, even a short period of colouring or creating art can reduce anxiety significantly. When you colour, you take away your attention from anxious thoughts and focus on the task of creating art.

2) Colouring involves mindfulness

Colouring will offer you an opportunity to pause for a while and sit quietly with your own self and gently work through your feelings in a manner that is non-threatening. Just like meditation and yoga, colouring is a self-affirming activity that is quiet as well as less demanding when compared to other mindfulness practices.

3) Colouring increases your focusing ability

When you attempt to colour inside the lines or try to consciously colour outside them, you are focusing your brain in a way that is not stressful. It helps you let go of your worries for a while and refocuses your energy to a creative task.

4) Colouring will make you a better thinker

Thinking better is essential for those who are in the stage of recovery. They are the ones who are learning new techniques to deal with stress and hardships. While working with detailed drawings found in colouring books for adults, organization and problem solving parts of the mind get activated.

5) Colouring brings back childhood

Colouring reminds one of his or her childhood making the person identify with his or her playful side. This is good for those who didn’t have happy a childhood.

6) Colouring makes one creative

Most of us long to be creative in life but we have demanding and busy lives. This longing for doing something creative can be handled by using adult colouring books. There is very less investment, you simply need a colouring book and coloured pencils to get going!

7) Colouring expands creativity

Since it is easy to do, it is the perfect way of getting your creativity ball rolling. Those who are recovering from an addiction will find colouring fill the void in their lives in a healthy way. It will also spark an interest in them to try out other creative stuff.

8) Colouring is about loving yourself

Colouring lets you devote time for yourself and gives you immense joy. The society is all about harsh self-judgment, negative self image and the like. It is all too suffocating. Colouring helps you to take a step back, breathe and heal ourselves.

Hope now you know Why Colouring Is Good For Your Health!

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