Combining The Sunlight Diet With Your Daily Diet

Why is Vitamin D Important Vitamin D Deficiency

Combining The Sunlight Diet With Your Daily Diet

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Ever heard about the Sunlight diet? It is also famous as Breatharian-ism or Pranic Nourishment. It has been around for quite a while. As today’s youngsters (20 to 30) lack in vitamin D due to their different lifestyles, nutritionists feel that there is a need to come up with a plan that clubs sunlight diet with a healthy food diet.

Why is Vitamin D Important Vitamin D Deficiency

Nutritionists are of the opinion that most people suffer from various illnesses due to the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. So, when they suggest a diet plan to someone, they club it with the sunlight diet.

The Sunlight Diet

The concept behind the sunlight diet is that a person doesn’t need food and in certain cases not even water for survival. The diet is known to help weight loss. As per Hinduism, humans can survive with the vital life force (prana) and sunlight.

This may seem something strange to you as have always been told that it isn’t possible for a human being to give up food and water and still survive.

Adding the sunlight diet to your everyday life

Sun- Do you suffer from body heat

By clubbing sunlight diet with a proper food chart a person can lose weight and also get a regular dose of vitamin D naturally from the sun. People who live in metros (read concrete jungles) are always confined indoors as they have long working hours. This doesn’t let them get sufficient sun rays leading to vitamin D deficiency. As a result there can be back aches, mood swings, viral fever, asthma and in certain cases even cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

However, just getting vitamins is not enough as they simply can’t replace a good diet. Thus, you need to include essential foods that help in burning fat and providing energy to enable you to carry out daily activities.

The sunlight diet is unsafe! Beware!

The sunlight diet has been condemned due to health-related concerns. This diet can be dangerous if you don’t combine it a proper food plan. A little while ago a Swiss woman passed away after having followed the sunlight diet as she stopped eating and drinking completely and lived just on sunshine.

My take on it

How can you live without food and water? It is well known that we need energy for our bodily functions to take place. Food and water are fuels. How can a car run without petrol or diesel? The same is with our body. We need food and water to survive.

A lot of people want diet charts, well, here is one!

A diet chart along with sunlight diet

  • In morning as soon as you wake up- a glass of warm water along with 3 to 4 almonds.
  • After that go to the garden or terrace and do surya namaskars for about half an hour. You need to make sure you finish doing so by 8 am.

Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss


  • You can be seated under the morning sun in your balcony or any other open space and do deep breathing.
  • Keep all the windows and doors of your house open till 9 am and allow the morning sunlight and fresh breeze seep into the room. You can be seated in the balcony or an open window that has lots of sunlight coming through.

So, that was the sunlight part, now let us head to the food part!

Breakfast: Have oats with milk or two slices of brown bread and an egg.

Mid morning: Drink a glass of green coriander and mint juice.

Lunch: A portion of subzi, a bowl of dal, two rotis, salad and a glass of buttermilk.

Afternoon: A cup of green tea or regular tea or coffee without sugar along with oats biscuits.

Dinner (Early dinner by 7 pm): A bowl of dal or a clear vegetable or chicken soup along with 2 brown bread toasts.

The above diet is not suitable for low carbers though!

Hope you found this post informative!

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