6 Common Aromatherapy Myths Busted


Common Aromatherapy Myths Busted

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Essential oils and aroma therapy can help beat stress, tension and anxiety apart from other illnesses. It benefits almost everyone and it is easy too. An aromatherapy session is a very rejuvenating experience.

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If you are new to the world or aromatherapy, it is perfectly alright. Everyone was once a newbie!! Are you not much into aromatherapy because you are not clear about it and don’t know where to start from? Are things clouded with myths and misconceptions? Let us have them cleared so that you can try a hand at aromatherapy!

Myth 1: Aromatherapy is for those people who avoid medicines and opt for a holistic treatment.

Truth: It is true that those who have belief in holistic treatment and natural healing use aromatherapy but it is also true that those who use traditional medicines go in for aromatherapy. Essential oils are at times complimentary to traditional medicines and treatment.

Myth 2: Essential oils can only be used when they are warmed.

Truth: It is true that essential oils have a stronger aroma when they are warm. Nevertheless you can get their effect even when the essential oils are not. Actually, you shouldn’t be heating essential oils over an open flame as it is highly inflammable. Either read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter or let the aromatherapy expert do it.

Myth 3: Essential oils are unsafe for kids, pregnant women and the elderly.

Truth: It is not true always. Certain oils have a warning on their labels and you are requested to read labels carefully prior to use. If there is a warning label you should adhere to it. Certain oils like that of lavender are known to starts premature labour if the quantity used is excess. If a person is already on certain medication, essential oils should be used carefully. If you use the oils properly and with caution, nothing untoward will happen.

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Myth 4: Never use essential oils when your pets are around

Truth: You can actually use essential oils when your pets are around you at home. It is okay for them to inhale the scent but please don’t massage the essential oil on your pet’s skin or fur. It is not safe because your pet can lick the fur and ingest high doses of the oil. You should be very careful about that. Ingesting essential oils is not safe for humans too.

Myth 5: Essential oils are expensive

Truth: Yes, some of the oils are pretty much on the higher side. However, you get what you pay for. Some oils are harder to find or are of very good quality, the chief reasons for them to be expensive. You can purchase cheap essential oils but they may not be of good quality at all. So, what is the point? If you want good quality, you need to pay the price for it. Check and compare prices online to get the best deal.

Myth 6: Essential oils cannot be used for anything other than aromatherapy

Truth: The fact is that essential oils can be used for other household purposes too. Some of the oils can be used for the treatment of skin irritations, head lice or as antiseptic and disinfectants for cleaning purpose. Prior to the advent of cleaners and other man-made disinfectants people used essential oils. Just be careful to use the right amount.

Common Aromatherapy Myths Busted! Are things more clear for you now?

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