7 Most Common Diet Tips That Do Not Work

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7 Most Common Diet Tips That Do Not Work

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The diet and nutrition world is full of misconceptions. You will hear a lot of diet tips from people that don’t actually make sense 😛 . In this post you will come across the most common diet tips that do not work.

No 1) To lose weight, stop snacking

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Reality: Eating in small amounts frequently is a fantastic way of curbing hunger and controlling portion size. It will help in making better nutritional choices. Eating smart snacks such as fruits, nuts and yoghurt will keep your energy levels high all day long.

No 2) A calorie is a calorie- count them

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Reality: All calories are not the same. The type of calories, quality of calories and the timing can hugely alter their effects on the body. Food reacts within our body and the type of food you eat matters. For instance, 50 calories of a fruit will have a different internal reaction in comparison to 50 calories of cake. The quality of calories should be taken into account too. Quality calories are those that are nutrient dense like spinach. Calories without nutrients are like the ones in French fries and are called ‘empty calories’.

You need to be cautious about calories but they are not the controlling factor when it comes to nutrition.

No 3) Cut out the carbs

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Reality: Studies done on carbohydrates have been misinterpreted. While it is true that excessive intake of refined carbs such as white bread or white rice can lead to weight gain, there is no evidence that eating healthy carbs like whole grains, veggies, fruits and legumes can adversely affect weight. Actually studies prove that a diet high in plant-based foods is linked with better health. So, consume carbs that come from veggies, fruits and 100% whole grains.

No 4) Load up your protein intake

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Reality: Eating loads of protein is not the key to losing weight in a healthy manner. This is so because the body needs 3 macronutrients and they are protein, carbs and fat. Focusing only on protein for weight loss is not right. You will deprive your body of the fibre and antioxidants present in healthy carbs such as fruit, veggies and whole grains. Make sure that you consume a balanced diet.

No 5) To lose weight, go gluten free

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Reality: There is no evidence that gluten is fattening in nature. The only problem is that we consume a lot of refined grains and food made up of maida. Cutting out gluten without consulting your doctor can lead to nutritional deficiencies of nutrients such as magnesium, iron, vitamin B12 and fibre. Your focus should be on consuming healthy whole grains in the right amounts.

No 6) Working out on an empty stomach helps you burn more calories

200 calories in 20 mnts

Reality: Calorie burning is not affected by the fact that you are working out with or without food in your belly. However, skipping meals before your sweat sessions can result in muscle loss. Your pre-workout meal should have fruits that are naturally sweet. You can also have dark chocolate prior to your workout.

No 7) Diet during weekdays and take the weekends off

Ways To Control Food Cravings junk food

Reality: Many people eat clean all week long and tend to loosen it all up during weekends, which is wrong. Whatever weight you lost from Monday to Friday, you will gain it all back by weekend. This will hamper your weight loss journey.

So, these were some of the most heard diet tips that do not work at all!

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