6 Common Workout Mistakes You Commit


Common Workout Mistakes You Commit

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In spite of working out hard and being disciplined with your exercise routine, are you unable to shed kilos? This can probably be due to some common workout mistakes you are committing but are not aware of.

Here is a list of the common workout mistakes and the possible fixes,

1) Not doing warm-ups

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Not giving importance to warm-up exercises is a very common workout mistake. It is essential to understand that jumping straight into action is not a good idea. Warm-up exercises are as important as the other exercises in your routine. They not only help reduce your muscle injury but also prep your body for what is about to come next. Following a good warm up routine actually helps in improving your mobility and brings you closer to your fitness goals.

Include a minimum of 10 mins of warm-up in your workout routine. It can be brisk walking and stretching followed by movements like skipping and jumping jacks.

2) No planned workout routine

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If you are that person who simply goes to the gym and does exercises that others are doing, you are not doing it right. You will probably end up doing some random exercises that have no long-term benefit. A well planned workout routine is a sustainable routine which is not only safe and effective but also enjoyable.

Have your workout routine custom made as per your fitness goals. You can even take the help of a personal trainer for this.

3) No exercise order

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Many people make the mistake of not paying attention to the order of exercises. For example, if you want to build strength and add muscle, it is a good idea to do cardio before strength training. This is because exercises sap your energy reserves which are needed for strength training.

Begin with strength training and then go in for cardio. You can also split your workout over two days by doing weight training on one day and cardio on the next.

4) Being unrealistic

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Expecting instant results is not right. Many things in the world are available at the drop of the hat but this is not true when it comes to work outs. It will take time. So hoping for quick results can only make you feel disheartened.

Set fitness goals that are small and incremental. You can break your ultimate goal into smaller and more achievable goals.

5) Having mental blocks

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Even if you go to the gym and do every kind of exercise, your fitness goal will be unachievable if you don’t have the right attitude. If you treat your work out as a chore that has to be done, you will soon get bored of it. You have to make your workout enjoyable for sustainable progress.

6) Making drastic changes

Your workouts may get monotonous at times but switching your exercises every now and then is not going to be helpful. Drastically changing your workouts can make them less effective and also slow down your progress.

So, now when you know all the common workout mistakes you are committing, you can fix them and achieve your fitness goals

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