Comparative Review-Yakult And NutriFit Probiotic Drinks


Comparative Review-Yakult And NutriFit Probiotic Drinks

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After going through the Yakult Review  by Devieka , I had been thinking of other probiotic drinks in India. I found that there is just one more probiotic drink which is famous enough to compete with the popularity of Yakult as a probiotic drink. That is NutriFit from Mother Dairy. Both the drinks are dairy based and contain billions of live bacteria. So let’s see which of these two proves to be better.

Ingredients and Nutrition

Nutrifit :

Milk, water, sugar, strawberry juice (2% from concentrate), stabilizers (440, 466), lactic culture (contains probiotics Lactobacillus acidophilus 5 and BB12)

nutrifit data

Yakult :

yakult nutrition picYakult contains water, sugar, skimmed milk powder, glucose, Lcs (Lactobacillus casei strain), added natural and natural identical flavours

Now since there is a difference between the quantity of comparison so let’s calculate the data according to 100 ml shot.

Yakult 100 ml                                                                            NutriFit 

Calories :   77 kcal                                                                   Calories :     71 k cal

protein :   1.2 g                                                                         protein :   1.8 g

carbs :   18.4 g                                                                           carbs :   14.1 g

Fat :   0.15 g                                                                               Fat :   0.8 g

                                                                                                     Calcium: 80 mg

Now, you can see the variation on your own. I am not going to say anything. Do I need to?? No wonder Nutrifit is my favourite.  🙂



Mother Dairy is one of the first Indian brands to introduce probiotic food products in the country. Mother Dairy ‘Nutrifit’ probiotic drink uses established and clinically proven cultures, and these probiotic strains can survive the “hostile” conditions of the digestive system. They reach the intestine in active form and bring about favorable changes which collectively result in strengthening the body’s natural defense system. Besides the benefit of strengthening immunity, Nutrifit also has all the goodness of milk. The product is available in exciting flavours of Kesar Illaichi, Mango and Strawberry. This vegetarian product is formulated with LA-5 and BB-12 friendly bacteria that boost immunity. Its calcium content can’t be missed as 80 mg is a considerable number.


yakult reviewThere are no preservatives used in Yakult. There is also no reports of any side effects but, there may be bloating of the body in the first week of its use. That is just because the body is trying to adjust to the new administered bacteria and hence, it is of no concern. Yakult has a shelf life of 40 days when stored under proper refrigerated conditions. Each bottle of Yakult (65ml) contains over 6.5 billion bacteria that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. Absence of calcium is a big negative point.


 If we compare both the brands then Nutrifit is the ultimate winner as the packaging is smart and the plastic bottle looks like a small flask. The quantity is also respectable and acceptable. All the flavours come in 100 ml bottles.

Coming to Yakult the first thing that irked me was the look as the bottle and the printing looked  like some cheap copy of any authentic thing … the first thought that came in my mind was “Yar, yeh nakli wala to nahi?” Me being me, the typical Indian woman was shameless enough to ask the shopkeeper, ” Bhaiya, aapko pacca pata hai ki ye asli hai?? Bottle se to nahi lagta ki Japanese link hai koi.” 😛

The quantity is terrible just 65 ml per shot… like reallyyyy!!! So thumbs down for the packaging part though all women sales persons strategy is something that  I really appreciate and like about Yakult.


 Now comes the pricing, well Yakult is 11 INR for a 65 ml shot and NutriFit is 10 INR for an 80 ml shot. Well, though the difference is only of 15 ml yet for a probiotic drink that is quite a lot.


The thick curd like taste is what I like in Nutrifit while Yakult is too ‘Watery” diluted for me.

Final verdict

Mother Dairy is a government organisation, thus highly trusted. I’d rather suggest Nutrifit instead of Yakult despite of the fact that Yakult is supposed to be the world leader in probiotic drink. The government undoubtedly has to maintain certain standard for their products and the plus point is that it doesn’t have to care about the market dynamics. On the contrary Yakult is a private company and relies a lot on advertising (now that is a different story that seeing their irritating kiddish advertisement I decided never to have that drink.) So 10/7 to my very much Indian probiotic drink Nutrifit and 10/5 for Yakult.

 Did you like the comparative review of NutriFit and Yakult probiotic drink?

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