Comparison-Amla Juice And Aloe Vera Juice


Comparison-Amla Juice And Aloe Vera Juice


Amla juice and aloe vera juice are considered to be very good for health. This post aims at comparing the nutrition facts and health benefits of both.

Amla juice

10 Health Benefits Of Indian GooseberryAmla (2)

Let us begin with Amla (Indian gooseberry)

General health benefits of Amla juice:

  • Amla juice is known to work wonders as a hair tonic. It strengthens hair roots and enriches growth of hair. It also checks dandruff and premature greying of hair.
  • Having amla juice along with honey first thing in the morning will help in bringing a radiant glow on the face and will make your skin free of blemishes.
  • It is good for eye health.
  • It also helps to combat bad breath and it makes teeth strong.
  • If you happen to have mouth ulcers, amla juice can come to your recue.
  • It boosts immunity as it has a chockfull of vitamin C.
  • Drinking amla juice (with honey) also provides relief from respiratory troubles.
  • It helps in treating gastric troubles too.
  • Regular consumption of amla juice flushes out toxins,helps in purifying blood and increasing the count of red blood cells.
  • The juice of amla is known to cool the body and it keeps the mind free of stress and also cures sleeplessness.
  • Being rich in antioxidants, it help fight free radicals and in this way it helps in preventing cancer.

Benefits of Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Here come the most awaited benefits, the benefits of amla juice in weight loss.

  • The juice of amla helps in improving the body’s metabolism and protein synthesis (in simple terms it means that it can help your body in breaking down protein much faster and thus increases the body’s energy levels) that helps in faster weight loss.
  • It helps in detoxifying the body and removing toxins. This reduces the body’s tendency to gain excess weight.
  • It fills you with energy and rejuvenates the body.
  • It provides the body with the required vitamins and minerals that help in keeping the body active and it promotes loss of weight.

Nutrition facts of Amla juice

Nutrition chart of Amla juice


 A 100 ml serving has 37 calories and about 8.5 g of total carbs.

Aloe Vera juice

aloe_vera health benefits

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Consuming aloevera juice is a wonderful natural option for detoxification. We need to cleanse our systems on a regular basis as our lives have stress in it along with pollution and indulgence in junk food. The juice of aloe vera has several trace elements that are helpful in making the body deal with the everyday strains.

  • Promotes digestion

In order to absorb all nutrients present in the food eaten, it is essential to have a healthy digestive system. Aloe vera juice enhances the absorption of protein. It reduces the count of unfriendly microbes found in the gut. It also soothes digestive troubles.

  • Boosts immunity

 Aloe vera juice has several antioxidants that fight the free radicals. Drinking aloe vera juice regularly increases the body’s immunity.

 The juice of aloe vera has twelve different substances that help in reducing and preventing inflammation. It can even helps joints that are stiff, swollen, or painful.

  •  Skin health

Aloe vera juice provides you with healthy skin. It helps in fighting ageing too. Externally it can soothe skin irritations.

  • Chockfull of nutrients

It is a power house of essential minerals and vitamins. It has almost all the vitamins required by us. It also has essential amino acids that are neede by the body.

  • Helps in alkalization of the body

In an alkaline environment, diseases don’t occur. Aloe vera being an alkaline forming food, helps in alkalizing the body and also balancing out the levels of acidity in our diet.

A word of caution:

  • Don’t have excess of it as it may cause diarrhea.
  • Please check with your doctor if you happen to have any medical problem or are taking medicines.
  • Don’t have the juice of aloe vera if you’re pregnant or lactating.

Nutrition facts of Aloe vera juice

Nutrition chart of Aloe vera juice 100 ml

Net carbs- 12.67 g


A 100 ml serving has 53 calories and 12.67 g of net carbs.

Hope you liked the post on the Health Benefits And Nutrition Facts Of Amla Juice And Aloe Vera Juice!!

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