5 Ways To Control Post Workout Hunger


Ways To Control Post Workout Hunger

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It is great that you work out regularly but are you ravenous after your workout? It can make eat back all the calories you burned. You sweat and torch calories but later gobble down huge food portions. This rampant appetite of yours kicks in just after you are one with your workout. However, it may also strike one hour later or even next morning.

Don’t worry, there are ways to sort this out too so that you don’t end up sabotaging all your efforts.

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Here are some tweaks to control post workout hunger

1) Do high intensity interval training thrice a week

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When you do tough workouts your body reacts by reducing your hunger. This is because exercise diverts the blood from the GI system so that more of it can reach your muscles. This suppresses ghrelin and slows down food absorption from the intestines. It can also mellow down the system of the brain that thinks that food is a reward, thus reducing your temptation to go in for snacks and meals.

According to one study, those who carried out tri-weekly 30 to 45 minute HIIT sessions on a stationary bike ate around 120 calories less after workout than those who pedaled at a moderate pace continuously.

You can turn any cardio session into HIIT workout by going hard for 15 to 30 secs and then going easy for one to two minutes. On the days you don’t do HIIT, just ensure that your steady state workouts are intense enough. In another study it has been found that individuals who ran for one hour didn’t eat more than usual but the ones who walked did.

2) Bounce more and reduce sitting

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The type of movement also has an effect on hunger. In one study it was found that exercisers who did skipping for 30 mins were less interested in fatty foods after workout than the ones who spent the same time in cycling. The theory of researchers is that the gut jiggling because of jumping lowers ghrelin production.

3) Stick to land based workouts

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Swimming is regarded as a less effective workout for weight loss when compared to land based workouts. This is because swimming stimulates hunger. So, it is better to stick to land based workouts like running.

4) Consume protein and healthy fats

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Consuming protein post-workout helps in recovery of your muscles. Also, it is very satiating and keeps your hunger at bay. Healthy fat is filling and prevents hunger rebound. You need to ensure that you get both as soon as possible after your workout. If you do not eat the food you require within an hour post exercise, you will have a ravenous appetite that day and will most probably overeat. If having a meal is not possible in that time frame, you can have a 150 calorie snack such as Greek yogurt or half a protein bar.

5) Refuel yourself during hard workouts

If you have been exercising strenuously for longer than an hour, you should refuel yourself. This will reduce intense hunger and make you eat less later. However, you don’t need to snack in between your workout of it is only going to last for 45 mins to one hour or is just moderately intense.

Hope you liked reading the ways to control post workout hunger!

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