20 Common Cooking Mistakes We Indians Commit


20 Common Cooking Mistakes We Indians Commit

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You usually change the way you cook and what you eat when you want to lose weight, stay healthy or when someone in the family is suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol. When you tweak your cooking to make it healthy, you might actually be ending up doing it all wrong!

which is the best oil for cooking

Here are the dos and don’ts you should follow when it comes to cooking healthy,

1) Before switching to olive oil or any other ‘healthy’ cooking oil please check whether it is meant of Indian foods that require high heat such as dosas or sabjis.

2) Extra virgin olive oil should not be used for deep frying. You need to check the oil’s smoke point before deep frying anything in it. Extra virgin olive oil is not suitable for Indian cooking. It is supposed to be drizzled on salads and used in cold dishes.

3) If you use a non-stick pan, please use one that has its black coating intact. For high heat cooking despite of what the ads say do not use Teflon coated pans as its fumes are bad.

4) It is best to makes juices, smoothies and shakes fresh and consume them. Don’t store them in the fridge as cut fruits are meant to be eaten fresh and not stored for long.

5) Use sugar substitutes wisely. Artificial sweeteners are harmful for health. Stick to natural sweeteners like stevia. Don’t blindly substitute sugar with jaggery or honey. Though both are healthier than sugar they too need to be consumed in limits.

6) For storing food choose steel containers as they are more hygienic than plastic containers.

7) Don’t try to replace traditional cooking methods with grills. You see, smoked and charred grilled food can cause cancer. If you must use you grill or barbeque for cooking make sure that they are cleaned properly.

8) Don’t just start eating a particular bread if it is brown in colour. Please check if it is whole wheat bread or not.

bread brown vs whole

9) Instead of opting instant oats, go in for steel cut oats and cook them for long.

10) Don’t go gluten free till you are really allergic to it.

11) Do not replace butter and ghee with hydrogenated fat just because you feel it is low in calories. For your kind information, one tablespoon of butter has 103.5 calories, one table spoon of ghee has 85.6 calories, vanaspati ghee has 122.4 calories, margarine has 108 calories. What do you say now?

12) Don’t go in for oil sprays as you may overdo it. Just use a teaspoon to add oil to your pan. More on why to say no to oil sprays here!

cooking spray

13) Even if you think that other salts are healthier than your regular salt, please check if they are iodised. Don’t make replacements blindly.

14) Don’t just start eating raw food as salads for your main meals all of the sudden. First try whether they suit your system or not.

15) If you are not aware of food science, it is better not to switch traditional ingredients for the so called ‘healthier’ options. This is because some combinations are not meant to be if you don’t change your cooking style. For instance, people use broccoli instead of cauliflower and land up cooking it for the same amount of time as they cook the latter.

16) When on a weight loss spree, do not make endless cups of green tea and store them. Make them fresh when you want to drink.

17) Just because the food is air-fried doesn’t mean that it is healthy. Air-fried samosas are made up of maida which is by no means good for you.

samosa- unhealthy Indian breakfast

18) Don’t overdo salad dressing even if it is olive oil or mayo.

19) Do not but exotic food stuffs that are said to be healthy. In expensive home grown produce may suit you better.

20) Unless and until advised by the doctor, don’t give up all fats and start eating only steamed or boiled food. You need healthy fats too. Click here to know more!

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