Cooking Oils That Will Help You Lose Weight


Cooking Oils That Will Help You Lose Weight

which is the best oil for cookingThere are many aspects one need to take care of while looking for healthy cooking oils, for example nutrition, heating capacity and flavor. If the oil starts to change color then it is a sign that the quality of the oil is degrading due to excess heat leading to the formation of unhealthy compounds and carcinogens.

Cooking with oil becomes an arduous task especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Things become worse if you plan on cooking an Indian dish without oil making it imperative for you to choose the cooking oil wisely. The first tip is to switch to oils that contain unsaturated fatty acids (oils which are liquid at room temperature) which will boost your weight loss efforts as well as increase your nutrient intake. Below described are two important oils responsible for deciding your extent of weight loss.

extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Termed as the “Best type of oil”, the extra virgin olive oil is extracted using natural methods and has a distinctive taste as well as rich in phenolic antioxidants making it most beneficial for weight loss.  Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which prove to be a healthier choice than saturated fats found in other cooking oils. These polyunsaturated fatty acids improve the metabolic rate in obese people. Further, olive oil contains a modest amount of vitamin E and K which supports proper nutrition to the body during weight loss. Also, antioxidants in olive oil boost the metabolism and prevent adding up of pounds. Apart from this, the oil can also keep you full for longer, reducing hunger pangs. It can also be used in non-heated form by drizzling in on steamed vegetables or onto a cold salad.

Coconut oil

Coconut-oilCoconut oil finds a lot of use in the Indian household but the best use is in the kitchen to cook food. This oil proves to be of help in the weight loss process as well as digestion. Composed of medium chained triglycerides these can be easily broken down into small globules which hasten the metabolic and fat burning process increasing energy expenditure by 120 calories per day as suggested by one study. More interestingly, the medium chained fatty acids in coconut oil decreases hunger pangs and curbs cravings allowing you to feel full for a longer time. Cooking food in coconut oil becomes less of a task due to the property of this oil to not undergo rancidity. This function is responsible for the prevention of an off flavor in the food.

The final word

All oils are basically 100 percent fat, with 9 calories per gram. One tablespoon of oil contains about 124 calories. Whatever oil you choose it is important to ensure that your overall fat content is about 20 percent of your total calorie intake. Regardless of the oil that you choose, you will have to use it in moderate amounts to take care of calories intake.

Which cooking oil you think can help you lose weight?

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