How Cotton Swabs Can Be Harmful?


How Cotton Swabs Can Be Harmful?

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Cotton buds or cotton swabs are used in our day to day lives. It is used for various purposes like make-up but the most common use of cotton swabs is for extracting wax and debris from the your ear. You do it right? Everyday? It is nothing to be proud of! You are doing your ears more harm than good. Keep reading to find out why cotton swabs can be harmful.

cotton swab-What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

How did cotton buds come into existence?

Cotton buds as you must have observed are toothpick like pieces made out of wood, rolled paper or plastic with some cotton stuck on both the ends having a roundish edge. These came into existence back in the 1920s to ensure that people cleaned their ears safely. The idea was developed by Leo Gerstenzang when he happened to see his wife clean their baby’s ear with the help of a toothpick! Ouch! A century has passed and till today the general population all over the world is using the same old cotton swabs to clean the ears.

However, let me tell you that these are not helpful in removing the outer debris that is stuck in the outer edges. Putting it inside the ear canal only causes further damages as it forces the inner wax further inside. Using too much of force can also cause harm to the ear drums.

How do cotton swabs cause damage?

Using a tool such as a cotton bud inside your ear with your hands creates a force upon the eardrum and at the same time accumulating the earwax in the surrounding to that area. This causes impaction of the wax. The force applied mostly, if not every time, causes damage to the ear drums that might cause severe pain. It can also lead to leakage, deafness, improper balance and similar abnormalities.

What You Should Not Put Into Your Ears

How should you clean your ear then?

Wondering how you will clean your ears now? Let me tell you that it does not need your attention. Your usual showers let adequate amount of water to enter the ears and clean the debris that gets accumulated automatically. The ear canal is designed in such a way that it naturally assists in cleaning up the unusual wax present around the ear.

If there happens to an uncontrollable earwax build up that does not get cleaned off normally, you can pay the ENT a visit. Even a general physician will do. You should get it cleaned under the supervision of the doctor, which is the best option.

Doctors all around the world have been trying their level best to spread the message of preventing the use of cotton swabs to clean ears. It is a very important message that must reach everyone. You must do your bit too by spreading the message to your family and friends.

Now, will you stop using cotton buds to clean your ears?

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