Covid-19; Can supplements bolster immunity?


Covid 19;

Can supplements bolster immunity?

Covid 19; Can supplements bolster immunity? This is one question that hardly anyone can answer with surity. The physical as well as psychological impact of this pendemic is making each one of us stressful. Right now we know that it’s important to note that no supplement can cure or prevent Covid-19 or any disease for that matter. Right now none of the diets or any lifestyle changes would work in our favour other than social distancing and proper hygiene practices.

Presently there are no researches which support the use of any supplement to protect against COVID-19 specifically yet the fact cannot be denied that few supplements may bolster immune system defenses in general, which in turn help us survive this pendamic; Covid-19.


Talking about the supplements that an individual can have, we can focus on a few like:

Vitamin C

vitamin C dietary supplements

Vitamin C is known to cure common cold since ages. It also maintains a healthy skin that can perhaps be a barrier to germs. Vitamin C is also known to improve the functioning of the white blood cells in certain cases. While it’s still unsure that if Vitamin C consumption helps fight COVID-19, there’s no harm in the consumption of the same. For the regular smokers it’s highly beneficial because it is water soluble, so the body shall get rid of whatever that is not required.

Vitamin D

This vitamin has a dual role both as a hormone and  a vitamin. Most of the people are normally low in vitamin D content so it’s better to have a supplement for the same. Also the human body can also make the vitamin, so you should get some sun whenever you can. A good start shall be a 15 minutes exposure of back or torso taking in consideration the risk of sunburns. Remember Vitamin D is essential for healthy immune functioning. Sufficient levels of Vitamin D might help lower your risk of respiratory infections.


Zinc for covid-19

Zinc is involved in the white blood cell response to the infections. This is the reason that people who are deficient of zinc tend to get cold and flu more easily than the others. Taking a zinc supplement can be a good strategy for the older people because they can be at high risk. Supplementing your daily diet with zinc might help protect against respiratory tract infections and help in reduction of the duration of infections.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B, including B12 and B6, are essential for a healthy immune response. The fact stays that many adults are found to be deficient in them. This deficiency of Vitamin B complex might affect immunity in a negative way.

Our Take

So in the time of this Covid-19 pandemic, we should gear up our immune system as this is something we have never seen before. Let us treat these times as a learning period to take care of our immunity for any such future emergencies.

Good hygiene and social distancing are the key elements that will protect us against this virus. So please keep Washing your hands, Stay home, Stay safe.

Hope this post has been useful!

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