Surviving Coronavirus with humour, Top memes on COVID 19


Surviving Coronavirus with humour; Top memes on COVID 19

Not waking up with an alarm every morning, not being forced to reach office on time daily, sitting on our couches and enjoying Netflix is what we usually want as an escape from our daily routine. Well, the ongoing pandemic COVID 19, which is actually a pretty scary thing to happen to human race, has provided each one of us an opportunity to explore ourselves.

With social distancing and self quarantine being taken seriously especially after prime minister Mr Modi’s appeal we thought of all that this Coronavirus has forced us to do. The almost complete lockdown. Situation is difficult and scary but as they say, ‘humour saves all’. Here we are discussing COVID 19 alongwith the top memes breaking the internet.

What is CoronaVirus or COVID 19?

Coronavirus is basically a large family of viruses that cause common cold with severity as complex as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. It was discovered in the year 2019 and since then been spreading fast all over the world. It is known as the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, because of the year of discovery, and it’s family name, CoV. It simply stands as CoronaVirus Disease 2019.

Symptoms of COVID19

Common symptoms of COVID19 include high fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. In the severity of the situation, it can also cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death. Common cold is an early symptom of the virus, thus nowadays even sneezing in public attracts more attention as to the doubts of suffering from and spreading the infection.


The initial symptoms might be similar to the common cold or viral fever which can include:

Also it has been highly seen that as the situation of the outbreak of this virus spreads all across the globe, people are tending to hoard things. The weirdest of all; Americans hoarding toilet paper! Yes, you read that right! Well, the reason being that even in the quarantine situation, all that humans are going to do is; eat-sleep and poop. Thus, the toilet paper becomes the most vital thing that gives assurance just by being there.


Social Distancing

The other most common term heard nowadays is social distancing. Social distancing means staying away from crowded places so that minimum contact is made. The reduction of direct contact reduces the risk of spread of the virus. The measures such as work from home, avoiding social gathering, avoiding public transport are the ones that can be called social distancing. Refer to the public address by prime minister Shri Narendra Modi ji ……



Work from home is encouraged to avoid the movement of the people from their respective houses. Most of the colleges, universities, coaching institutions, malls, parks, zoos, museums have been closed by the administration so that minimum social gathering take place.

As a precaution everyone needs to follow advice in order to be safe. It includes;

  • washing hands thoroughly with soap,
  • minimal touching of face,


  • wearing masks if you feel a cough or cold coming,
  • using hand sanitizers,
  • avoid handshakes, rather do Namaste.


  • Avoid travelling and take proper care while using public transport.

Our Take

So as we see that the situation worsens day by day, we as responsible citizens should follow all the precautions to make sure that we are safe from the virus. Washing our hands regularly and practising self quarantine are the basic measures that can not only save us but also the ones in our surrounding. So stay safe and yes store food and related stuff according to requirement…. Do not hoard.

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