5 Crazy Methods of Weight Loss!


Crazy Methods of Weight Loss!

Science has indeed changed our life for the better but do you think you can lose weight by certain scientific shortcuts? Check out what all is happening around the globe to lose weight!

Top Crazy Methods of Weight Loss

1) Ultra sound melting

Do you think that your fat cells can be killed using ultrasound? There is something called UltraShape that has got a lot of fans in Canada for the last several years. It has got approval from USFDA and promises to slim you down. Three sessions around 10 to 14 days apart are needed and you should have pinch-able abdominal fat. Your body measurements and BMI will be noted down by the doctor before the procedure. The excess abdominal fat is taped in a rectangular shape and is treated with a hand piece for less than 10 minutes. Each treatment costs a bomb – $1,200 each but some people have seen a decrease in their waistline. Although that has only been possible due to a week of healthy eating and exercising post-procedure!

2) Digestion mimicking pills

According to a new research, the body can start the process of digestion even if it has not consumed anything by making it think that it has! It can result in better fat burn and can be done by popping in a capsule! You will be consuming a pill which is like an imaginary meal. It will send signals similar to what is sent when you have a hearty meal, so that the body starts making space for all the food. However, the truth is that there are no calories involved or any change in appetite. This study awaits human trials so nothing much can be said.

3) Getting a workout in a bottle

Here’s another unbelievable weight-loss technique! Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences has identified an enzyme that controls metabolism and a way of stimulating it. It is like an entry to the world of developing a drink that melts fat. It has effects similar to a workout. However, it is a distant dream right now and is actually aimed at people who have very limited mobility. So, there goes your dream!

4) Gene suppression

If there is a pill that lets you eat lots of ice-cream, cakes and other yummy stuff without weight gain, won’t you want to give it a try? A research has been carried out on worms and a gene that suppresses obesity has been found. The gene already exists in human beings and if it is focused upon with drugs, it would let you eat all that you like without making you fat. However, there are a number of risks involved in increasing the functioning of this gene; the top one is cancer. So, you might not be in a mood to try it out since it is too early and too dangerous!

5) Vest with an ice pack!

You must have read about the common notion that you can lose weight by drinking cold water. Maybe eating ice will burn a few more calories or going out in the cold in thin clothes. You might be surprised to know that here is a vest called Cold shoulder. It has an ice pack and will help you burn 250 calories an hour. You can literally freeze yourself and reveal a thinner version of yourself! But how safe is it?

The above methods seem crazy and can never beat what you get out of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a good diet, regular workouts and sound sleep! So, don’t fall for any gimmicks!

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