CrossFit- Fitness Trend


CrossFit- Fitness Trend

While talking about fitness something will surely be amiss if we don’t talk about CrossFit. CrosFit is a high intensity workout program comprising of varying functional movements. The best part of this it that, it works for almost anyone. People from different walks of life are taking part in it. And the workouts are such that they can fit into everyone’s fitness ability.

crossfit fitness

CrossFit has its own lingo and before getting into the workouts you should get familiar with that lingo.

  • Box: It is a CrossFit gym.
  • WOD: Workout of the day! It is of 20 minutes and is determined by the coach or box. But why do WODs have a name? It is so because it makes them easy to remember.
  • AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible, number of reps in a timed workout you can possibly complete.
  • For time: Your aim is to finish the prescribed workout as fast as possible.
  • Score: The total no of reps completed in a workout
  • Rx’d: This is mentioned after your score if you completed your workout as prescribed.
  • CrossFit games: Here the most elite in CrossFit compete and are crowned as the fittest Man and woman.
  • CrossFit Open: After registering online competing in a form of CrossFit Games alone or at the box.

You will get the true CrossFit feel only when workout at the box with athletes alongside but you can get in to action anywhere. Have a look at the challenging but beginner friendly workouts:


CrossFit WOD No.1: Half Cindy

5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats– 10 minutes, AMRAP

Push up for toned body

Full Cindy is for 20 minutes, you will be happy to do a half Cindy which is for 10 minutes. As the body of a beginner does not have the stamina needed to the WODs, you may not be able to rise from the ground for doing push ups after a round.

Once you get start getting tired, your form will get affected; you will need to do modifications in your workout.To track your progress keep a record of your rounds.

CrossFit WOD No.2: CrossFit Total

5 back squats, 3 overhead presses, 3 deadlifts- Focus:Lifting

deadlift women

Don’t get frightened by heavy lifts. They will actually make you stronger. This WOD aims at getting beginners accustomed to heavy lifting part of the sport. It is not timed, it is all about learning the way weight affects your body and how much you can manage. For this WOD form is the key. When not sure about lifting something, you should ask the trainer for help. Taking a video while doing this WOD and send to a fellow CrossFitter for suggestions. Safety comes first.

CrossFit WOD No.3: Helen

400 mt run, 21 American kettlebell swings, 12 push ups- 3 rounds, for time.

kettlebell benefits workout

This one requires running. It may sound simple as anyone can run. But you should not run as fast as you can because you will totally exhaust yourself. Endurance is essential for this and it takes time to build. Modify this WOD by trying Russian kettle swings. Use a resistance band for pull ups.

CrossFit WOD No.4: Wall Ball, Burpees

Wall ball, burpees 21, 15, 9 reps; for time

how to do burpees weight loss

This has a 21, 15, 9 rep scheme. 21, 15, and 9 are multiple of 3. If you want to take rest in between you can break up the reps. Breaks are always allowed. While doing wall ball-burpees make sure to use the hips to throw the ball at the highest point your hands can reach in order to reduce exhaustion. The burpee part, try not to stop because once you stop it is difficult to start again.

CrossFit WOD No.5: Sit-ups, Lunges

Sit ups lunges-3 rounds; 3 minutes; 2 minutes rest; AMRAP

workout for working women lunges

This WOD is interval style, you have to push hard for 3 mins followed by a rest of 2 minutes. You won’ be able to recover after 2 minutes and it is nothing surprising. You should be able to match your nos in each round.

This was just a sneak-peak of CrossFit. The best part about it is that it can be modified. Time, reps, weight can be altered for newbies.

Are you ready for the CrossFit- Fitness Trend?

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