Use Crystals At Home For An Energy Makeover


How To Use Crystals At Home?

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Do you like using crystals for decorating your interiors? Crystals can be placed strategically in order to take the full advantage of their potential. Placing a crystal in any room will instantly lighten the ambience with beauty and positivity. So, hop on to know how you can arrange gemstones in your home.

Crystals at home

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A meal prepared with love is always so special. You can add the special ingredient of loving energy to whatever you cook in your kitchen with the help of rose quartz. Place rose quartz crystals on windowsills to ensure that the ambience of your kitchen is always about love! You can also place a cluster of quartz on the kitchen table to ensure flow of clean and pure energy.


The most important room of the house that needs to have pure energy is the bedroom. It is the place where we ponder over your innermost feelings, sleep, love and rejuvenate from an exhausting day at work. Hence, a deep energy cleanser such as selenite should be kept under the bed or pillow for sound sleep and sweet dreams. For the energy of love, place a rose quartz under your mattress.

Living room

When you come home after a long and tough day, you would not want to place your feet in a space that is already tense. Amethyst, the stress relieving stone is perfect for creating a relaxing and rejuvenating space. It clears negativity and emits positive and protecting energy. Also, you cannot go wrong with this crystal and hence you can place it in any room of the house.

crystals at home

Childrens’ room

Celestite is a crystal that has calming and soothing energy and hence is apt for your childrens’ room. The stone brings in a protective field of white light. You can place a blue lace agate on the table beside the bed to bring in tranquility and ward off stress, bad dreams and nervousness. You can add a smoky quartz to the room to if you want to stabilize and absorb overactive or unwanted vibes.

Front door

Keeping pyrite or carnelian inside the front door is a good idea as these stones are quite effective in keeping negativity away. They also bring in positivity via the energy of abundance. For added protection, you can place a piece of black tourmaline on either side of the front door.


If any of your crystals are cracked or chipped, you should not throw them away. You can help your plants grow. Green aventurine helps earthly energy get up into the roots. Just bury it in the garden soil or the soil of your potted plant for it to work. You can add a clear quartz for more energy.

Now, are you heading out to get the crystals mentioned above? After all, every human wants to make his living space bustling with positivity always. Happiness and peace is all what we yearn for!

All the best in making your little nest the best place in the world by using crystals at home!

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