Cupping Therapy For Weight Loss: Does it work?

Cupping Therapy for weight loss

Cupping Therapy for weight loss: Does it work?



Cupping Therapy for weight loss
Cupping Therapy for weight loss: Does it work?Recently my brother, suffering from tennis elbow told me that he was going through a Chinese therapy known as Cupping Therapy. That reminded me of a blog post that we had done based on cupping therapy. You can read about it here… This post talks in detail about the therapy. That made me think if there was any possibility of the effectiveness of cupping therapy for weight loss? I wanted to research a bit if it was possible to lose weight with the help of cupping therapy? And the results were not that bad. Read here…                                      Nowadays there are numerous options available for people wanting to lose weight and the basic comes to three things….
  1. Change your diet,
  2. eat less,
  3. move more.

Undoubtedly, it is a piece of great advice but alternative therapies are also very popular these days. Cupping therapy for weight loss can be called a step ahead which can do wonders only after you change your weight increasing habits. It can give a very effective chance at weight loss success. It is common knowledge that the habit of mindless gorging and lack of exercising can be the reason for weight gain, but is it all that simple? No, it is more complex than that alone. I know from my personal weight loss journey and can vouch for it that as we age, our metabolism slows down. A slow metabolism makes our body less effective at using energy resulting in more likely to store fat. If the metabolism is not sluggish everything that gets into our body gets reused at high speed, resulting in no fat deposits. Keeping it simple, the more we eat, the further chance there is that our body won’t be able to keep up, and as we fight it, the problem keeps getting bad to worse.

Does cupping therapy for weight loss help in weight loss?

Cupping is a treatment that a chiropractor Baton Rouge has been successfully using for a very long time. History tells that cupping therapy is being used by the Egyptians and the Chinese. The process itself is considered simple, though the pictures don’t seem so. There are cups that are used to perform the treatment. These cups are placed on the skin in the area that is to be treated with the vacuum created within the cups. The vacuum is generally created by kindling a substance within the cup before applying it to the body. Sounds scary, isn’t it? But there is nothing to worry about, as the burning substance doesn’t come into contact with skin. It is simply used to heat up the air within the cups.
As the air cools when the cups are reversed, it creates a vacuum that pulls the area of skin below the cups. The skin in this area gets red and the blood vessels in the area expand. It is that simple (If you can call it simple… ufff!)

Oh! just for information, this procedure uses silicon cups and a pump system to create a vacuum. When the blood vessels expand in this procedure it increases hydration and supplies extra nutrients to the tissue giving a deep tissue massage. During this procedure the top and sublayers of the skin are stimulated, giving a new life to the targeted area. This in turn kickstarts the dead metabolism. As cupping increases the blood inflow to the area being treated and accelerates the natural healing process in our body. This helps in healing inflammation along with boosting the sluggish metabolic system. That results in losing weight effectively. 
This treatment is effective for weight loss as it brings the body to the optimum level healing it from inside out. If like me even you are thinking if cupping therapy for weight loss is safe? I found out that yes, cupping therapy is an entirely natural treatment that uses the human body’s own response and ends up accelerating the weight loss process. My brother told me that there might be some discomfort and redness which is caused in the area of treatment but that soon goes away. This redness is caused by vacuum pulling.
This therapy helps our body heal itself, helping weight loss.
Always remember that cupping isn’t the only procedure needed for weight loss. We cannot lose weight without controlled eating and regular exercise. Cupping therapy can reset our sluggish metabolism and aid weight loss. Another most impressive effect of this therapy is that it betters cellulite and fluid retention too. If you want to go for alternative therapy for weight loss, then cupping can be your therapy to improve blood rotation, and detoxification, resulting in a healthier and firmer-looking fit body.