Daily Habits that Contribute to Aging


Daily habits that lead to aging!

In this increasingly materialistic world, it is hard to look and stay healthy. It is essential to keep a check on the food that you are consuming and the amount of rest you are taking. A healthy looking, young countenance makes for a happy and cheerful person while an aging face makes for a not so cheerful person. There are ways to even reverse this aging process. But, how?

Studies reveal that unsuccessful multi-tasking can actually trigger the release of free radicals that increase the rate at which one ages. Tasks that are incredibly exacting only add to the stress. So, it’s quite important to prioritize one’s work. Approaching the tasks one at time reduces stress and improves efficiency at work.

This may come as a surprise to many, but excessive intake of sugary foods adds years to one’s face. Wrinkles, dark spots and other signs of aging are the results of that cloyingly sweet cheesecake that you just can’t keep yourself away from. So, the next time you are ready to gorge on some delectable desserts, better think of passing them on.

Even, inadequate sleep is responsible for a shorter lifespan. Sleeping for less than six hours is insufficient. Moreover, watching television for a long time causes deposition of sugar in the cells. The longer one watches television the more his life expectancy decreases. Staying glued to the television is doing you no good. Get up, roam around for a while, and then get back to watching television. Living a sedentary life has its ill effects. There is a risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer and cardiovascular disorders. Exercise regularly to live a healthy life.

The importance of eye creams and sunscreens for a younger looking skin is often underestimated. To prevent the formation of dark circles, the thin layer of skin below the eye needs the protective coat of a cream. Sunscreens must be applied even when one is going out for a short period of time. While too much of makeup might be harmful to your skin. Cosmetics often have alcohol in them which dries up the skin and causes premature aging.

Sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow results in a formation of crease lines on the face which may turn into permanent wrinkles if one regularly follows this practice. Even, keeping your house too warm in winters leads to dry skin and which over time have aging effects. Even the pursing of lips for smoking a cigarette or sipping some liquid from a straw may cause the formation of wrinkles around the mouth.

Slouching while studying or working on a laptop affects the spine directly and hence, affects physical well-being. Muscles weaken and bones get affected. In the rush to grow slim remove fat, care should be taken that the required amount of fat is always present in the body.

Although there are many more ways to delay aging, taking care of the above-mentioned problems would help greatly.

Hope this post ‘Daily Habits that Contribute to Aging’  has been useful!

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