Dairy free Chocolate Ice-cream Recipe-Perfect for cravings


Dairy free Chocolate Ice-cream Recipe-Perfect for cravings

Hi dear ones,

Many of us including me have a sweet tooth, and this usually takes a toll on my health. I try hard to avoid, but I find it rather difficult. I have made a rule, to eat sweets made at home this way I know how much sugar I have added and that I do not let unknown not worthy of my body ingredients to go inside the body 😉

For starters I purchased an ice cream maker and I will be ordering another one to send to my dear mother 🙂 whatever I get I usually get in pairs, because I end up impressing my mom with it 😉

In case you do not have an ice cream maker, I suggest freezing and churning with a blender and then freezing again. But I cannot guarantee crystal free ice cream.

Diary free icecream 2

Let me tell you this quick easy peasy recipe for non fat chocolate ice cream:


1. 1 cup cocoa powder (good quality and preferably new)

2. 150 gms dark chocolate (I always always use Lindt, because I trust this brand)

3. Sugar- 2 tablespoons or more,

4. Water about 500 ml

5. Few drops of vanilla essence.

What you need to do:

The ingredient list is pretty simple and so is the process, I use an ice cream maker, you can also make it without the ice cream maker (use the freeze, churn and re freeze method). What I do is ahead in time, I freeze the ice cream bowl in which I have to churn the ice cream, for good 24 hours.

Next, in a deep pan, sieve cocoa powder and add water, using a whisk mix well so that no lumps are formed, bring this mix to a boil. After it has boiled, switch off the heating and add the broken pieces of chocolate and let it sit till it melts, add the vanilla essence. Mix this well refrigerate it for 2-3 hours.

Next step is using the ice cream maker according to your manufacturers instructions, just churn the mix for good 20 minutes and you get yummy ice cream. Ta-dah.

Diary free icecream 1

It is perfect for those summer months when you crave something sweet, it balances both taste and health. I would not say that it is calorie free, but yes it is like a sorbet which is a lower calorie version of the dairy ice creams.

You can add variations in this ice cream, you can add nuts, or some dark chocolate pieces or fruits.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed eating it 😉

Till then happy summers,

Love Vrinda

Are you going to try this Dairy free Chocolate Ice-cream recipe?

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