Dare To Run-Book Review


Dare To Run-Book Review

Hii all,

Today I would like to review a book I read in 2012, which motivated me so much that I wanted to run even when I weighed 120kgs, and to be able to run much better I decided to lose weight.

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I owe a lot to running, and how it has transformed my life. Read my weight loss story here. And let me share one thing that was part of my journey.

It’s the book named “dare to Run” – Amit Seth.

 Dare to run book review 2Amit Seth is a very famous member among our Mumbai running fraternity. He is also always associated with Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon; many know him as a pacer for full marathons.

In spite of all the prestigious association he is extremely down to earth and humble, and I can say that as I have personally seen him, he never misses an opportunity to motivate a by-runner or even just wave a hi to any random person he bumps into.

Dare to run is an inspiring story of Amit Seth, who took up running as a sport in his late 30s.

Amit who claimed that was once a couch potato, takes us with him on an incredible journey of how he decided to run a marathon and how he struggled his 1st 200 meter jog at juhu beach, where he almost described he thought he would almost die.

He writes brilliantly about how he managed to finish his 1st marathon, and which was just the beginning, as it ignited the fire of running in him to such an extent, that he became the 1st Indian to undertake The Ultimate Human Race: the 89 km Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa and how he couldn’t finish it in the 1st chance but accomplished it in the 2nd.

Along the way, Amit uses a combination of poetry, philosophy and scriptures to explain his unique perspective on life, religion, spirituality and running.This is a book not just about running but about the need to relentlessly follow your dreams and passions, no matter what they may be.

His 1st experience still has a mark on my mind, was how he would run from morning 3 am till evening 4 pm, on Lonavla hills alone with his driver following him for light in the early hours of dawn, and eventually after day light the driver would wait every 2 kms for him to rehydrate himself, and this continued till 56kms.

Imagine running alone for almost 12hrs.

It is a book which will encourage you to be the best you can be in all walks of life while at the same time maintaining a certain sense of balance and appreciation for the beauty of existence. He shares insights that provide motivation and strength to stretch targets and open possibilities of achievement.

This is a book from which an amateur runner will draw inspiration and motivation, describes how ordinary people push the limits of their ability to achieve their goals, passions and dreams and it will inspire the reader to do the same. It is a book to be read not only by those who run but those who desire to run.

It is a book which dares you to run.

Planning to get your hands on this book?

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