DASH Diet-All You Need To Know About It!


DASH Diet-All You Need To Know About It!

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It has been a while since a diet post has appeared on our blog. So, here we go! Have you ever heard about the DASH diet? You must have if you are always on a look out of a diet for good health and weight loss. Well, this post covers this particular diet exclusively! Read on!

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DASH stands for ‘Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension’. The aim of this diet is to prevent and reduce hypertension (high blood pressure). The DASH diet claims that a healthy eating pattern is important to control high blood pressure and it may help reduce your waistline too.

Theory behind the DASH diet:

To fight high blood pressure you need essential nutrients like potassium, protein, calcium, and fibre. However, you need not track each one. Just focus on foods you have always been asked to eat,( i.e. fruits, veggies, lean protein and low fat dairy) and shun processed junk and red meat. Cut back on salt.

Pros and cons of the DASH diet


  • Keeps heart healthy
  • Is a nutritionally sound diet


  • It is a bit expensive
  • You need to work

What the diet asks you to do?

The diet asks you to load up on whole veggies and grains. Most of the foods are rich in fibre, protein, calcium and potassium, which have been helpful to lower high blood pressure.

Does the DASH diet help in weight loss?

It is likely that you will lose weight if you follow the rules of this diet to the T, especially if you plan a calorie deficit.

Is it good for the cardiovascular system?

Yes, it is. The DASH diet lowers high blood pressure, which can otherwise cause heart disease, heart failure and also stroke. The diet is also known to increase ‘good cholesterol’, and decrease ‘bad cholesterol’. DASH diet is heart healthy as it is heavy on veggies and fruits and light on salt, sugar and saturated fat.

Does the diet pose health risks?

No, the diet doesn’t have health risks. However, it is advisable that you check with your doctor to make sure that DASH is the right diet for you if you have an existing health condition.

Does the diet recommend any supplement?

No, supplements are not recommended for this diet.

How is easy the DASH diet to follow?

Initially, it may be difficult to give up on your fatty, sugar loaded and salt packed goodies. However, the diet does not restrict complete food groups, increasing your chances of sticking to it for a longer time.

Fullness: According to nutrition experts, satiety is important, it is that satisfied feeling that comes when you have had sufficient food. DASH focuses on lean protein, fibre-rich fruits and veggies that will keep you full even if you have reduced your calorie level a bit for weight loss.

Taste: While you may miss potato chips and popcorn, pretty soon your taste buds will adjust. To avoid making your food bland, try adding spices and herbs to your food.


Exercise is recommended if you want to lose weight. You see you just can’t escape from work out!

So, the diet seems to be effective in controlling hypertension as well as for losing weight.

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