How To Deal With Weight Loss Plateau?


Dealing With Weight Loss Plateau

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A lot of you might have heard about the common issue of weigh loss plateau in the journey towards a fit body. For those who are over weight due to obesity or other biological reasons like pregnancy weight gain are well aware of the weight loss plateau which they are very well aware as at some point in their weight loss journey, they might have struggled to overcome it!

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Weight Loss Plateau is easily explained as the scale where after continuously losing weight the body reaches a point after which there is no weight loss in spite of the healthy diet and workout sessions which initially helped in losing most of the body weight!

A weight loss plateau is not something to be extremely worried about as it is quite normal for the body to budge any further pounds after having a history of weight loss breakthroughs!


Well, I myself had an experience of the weightloss plateau and so it would be just appropriate to share some of the must know things to deal with the weight loss plateau and get over it!

Stop Over- Stressing Over it-

The first step is to de-stress and not bother much about the weight loss plateau. Because if you are continuously thinking about it all your efforts to go past the weight loss plateau will fall flat and you will feel demotivated as in spite of devoting a lot of time to physical exercise or weight training , you still didn’t lose a half pound!

stress & weight gain

Keep a close watch on your intake-

7. balsamic baked chicken recipe+ paleo diet+chicken for weightloss

Even if you are dieting or eating healthy still there might be something which goes unnoticed and which might be a potential reason why you are not losing any weight further after losing a considerable amount of weight!

Include more protein in your diet-

Chicken kheema recipe+paleo diet

If you have tried everything from a healthy regular meal to intense workout sessions and still the weight just refuses to budge then try switching to more protein supplements and let it keep you satiated for a good while and you do not feel the urge to have something every now and then as you cannot keep a close track on all your food licks, bites, or quick odd-timed binge out of nowhere!

Include fresh whole fruits-

Papaya and Sun Melon Summer Fruit Drink Recipe6

Another tip is to generously indulge in your favorite fruits and eat them in their raw form as they are high in fiber content and will act in boosting your metabolism which makes it easier to burn your calories which you are piling up! Replace the low carb recipes with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for results!

Stay Focused-

When you are losing weight at a regular interval it feels great to have rewarded but if you are not at all losing any amount of weight it becomes quite demoralizing to see all your efforts to shift that weight loss plateau go down the drain! Try to remain focused and continue your endeavors with weight loss and soon you will be successful in dealing with the still in your weight!

I hope you like all these best experienced tips to get past the weight loss plateau and reach the desired body weight and practice the lifestyle for a healthy body and sound mind!

Have you even been stuck with weight loss Plateau?

Hope this post ‘How To Deal With Weight Loss Plateau?’ has been useful!

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