Why Demand Of Doctors For Regulating Bakery Items Is Right?


Demand Of Doctors For Regulating Bakery Items Is Right

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I just happened to enjoy a piece of cake but the news item that I read suddenly struck me. I think you got it! The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released its study on 23 rd May 2016 and it has some really bad news for lovers of baked goodies. The primary focus was on the two chemicals – potassium bromate and potassium iodate that are banned in many other countries but are still widely being used by bread manufacturers in India. Why? Just to make the bread fluffy! So, it is not just the cake and pastries that have these chemicals, the daily consumed bread, buns, pizza bases and pavs too have these harmful chemicals.


It is such a pain for those mothers who lovingly make pav bhaji for their kids, now after knowing what all is added to the pav that they purchase from the bakery will they be able to serve that to their children? Pizza bases are also widely used as pizzas are everyone’s favourite. Leave that apart, some people cannot even imagine their breakfast without two golden brown toasts with butter! Now with CSE’s study in the limelight everybody is shocked!

The medical fraternity now demands a stricter regulation of the bread and baking industry and this is a very valid demand! The health of so many consumers is at stake. The Demand Of Doctors For Regulating Bakery Items Is Right! Apart from the two chemicals, bakery products, buns and breads have colours added to them. In the long run, these can be carcinogenic!

Doctors and nutritionists are unhappy that currently there are only a few regulations to govern the manufacturing of baked good. They are now asking for more stringent guidelines for the bread manufacturing industry. They have also urged parents to put a tab on their children’s intake of baked goods. It would be better to avoid them.

According to a renowned oncologist, the dangerous effects of potassium bromate was first brought to the limelight in the year 1990 by a team of Japanese researchers but people did not pay any attention to it back then. It was known to cause cancer and damage the kidneys. Not much attention was given to it at that time. However, after 2001, it was banned as a food additive in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union and several other countries. The doctor has further demanded that the chemical should be banned in India.

An oncology professor admits that potassium compounds are harmful. However, it is not known what proportion or quantity of them can be actually harmful. Potassium bromate is said to disrupt the functioning of the thyroid, slow down neural and cognitive development and causes cancer. But what is not known is that how much of these chemicals can cause damage.

Before making any decision there has to be proper investigation as to what quantity of the chemicals can be consumed safely and find out whether the bread manufacturing food companies cross the limit or not.

More research and study regarding the permissible limits of these chemicals have to be carried out.

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Some experts of the opinion that regardless of the chemicals added to the baked goods, products made out of refined flour (maida) are harmful. Food items that don’t have dietary fibre are not considered good for health and that is why you should avoid such foods.

Hope you liked reading this post! Do you feel that the Demand Of Doctors For Regulating Bakery Items Is Right?

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