Detox Foot Pads-Are they effective?


Detox Foot Pads-Are they effective?

Hi girls,

If you are a fitness freak or  working towards it, you must have read the buzz word called Detox, and right when it becomes a trend, there are things supporting you to help Detox 😉 and here I am not falling prey yet, but bringing to you how these things promise and what they deliver.

I had read a lot of criticism about the detox foot pad, but I wanted to see how these works and if there is any truth behind them.

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Healthpoint Detox Foot Pads – 1 Week Course – Contains 3 patches


Contains Natural Ingredients

A natural way to detox whilst you sleep.

The patches have been designed to help naturally detox the body during sleep. Everyday we absorb toxins through food, drink & pollution. These detox patches contain natural ingredients that absorb these toxins through the skin.

The perfect way to kick start a healthy eating plan by cleansing the body, flushing out waste and toxins and preparing for more efficient and effective absorption of food.

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How they work  –  The pad, placed on the sole of the feet may feel warm when placed just before bedtime. During the night the pad will become dark in colour as it absorbs toxins and waste from the body.

How to use the pack  –  Use one pad every other day to start the one week course.

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Bamboo vinegar chitosan, dextrin, dokudami, loquat leaf, tourmaline,vegetable fibre, Vitamin C and wood vinegar.

How it works:

Disclaimer: First things first, this pad stinks! and after you have used the night, you may need to change sheets 🙁 Also, Pregnant women are advised not to use these things. I say lucky you 😉

Now coming to how it starts, I had a very neutral opinion, since I had read mixed reviews. So I started to use this and was a bit excited. The patches have to be used last thing at the night and they are self adhesive, I wore a socks over it, since it has powder inside, the adhesive sticks to the foot making it really uncomfortable to sleep, I had a tough time sleeping with it, as I felt there was something sticking to my foot. In the morning, I woke up rather early just to remove this off my foot and honestly it stunk even worse 😛 The pad had become gooey and really dirty. I think I have a lot of toxins in my body, although  I don’t drink, no smoking and I am a vegetarian, also I eat organic. I guess I still have lot of toxins, maybe its the pollution or even outside food which I eat sometimes.

The pad after use-

Health point detox pad Pic 5 after use


Over all, I feel the detox pads are just hoax, because if you just put some water on these pads they become this goey smelly mess. The same effect is quite possible due to the sweat in my foot which may have occurred while I was sleeping with the pad and the socks on.

I did do a lot of reading on these detox pads and I have come across a lot of criticism about how they are just minting money, people get carried away and spend loads of money on such gimmicks. I think, it time people realize that for a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise is a must.

I read at  a place a lady stating she felt energized after using these pads, some stated the contrary, honestly for me, I slept very disturbed because I felt strange as the glue in these pad was so strong that it kept bothering my skin 😛

I think I wont be falling for these pranks again, but in case you want to try, I would say go ahead and see for yourself.

Love Vrinda

Are you going to use the Health Point Detox Foot Pad after reading this review?

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