Detoxify Your Mind With Kapalbhati|Yoga


Detoxify Your Mind With Kapalbhati|Yoga

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Do you suffer from stress, negativity or depression? Now, if I tell you that you can beat the blues in a jiffy, will you believe me? Yes, you will, as the method is purely natural! Good old Yoga comes to the rescue here. The name of the mind detoxifying pranayam is ‘Kapalbhati’.

‘Kapalbhati’ – ‘kapal’ in Sanskrit means skull and ‘bhati’ means polishing or shining. So, this means is a breathing technique that polishes the mind. Kapalbhati is a breathing technique which is effective in detoxifying the mind.

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Do you know why laughter is known as the best medicine? Because it works exactly the same way as kapalbhati does. Just recall the way you laughed the last time, you will get your answer. See how deep rooted Yoga is!! Kapalbhati is an amazing tool that helps de-stressing a person and clearing negative emotions from the mind.

Who shouldn’t do kapalbhati pranayam?

People suffering from the following health issues should avoid doing Kapalbhati:

  • Cardiac problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Abdominal ulcer
  • Nasal obstruction
  • Respiratory infection

Consult your doctor before going ahead with Kapalbhati Pranayam.

Kapalbhati-Pranayama yoga kriya

How to do Kapalbhati?

Kapalbhati breathing technique is quite simple but it has to be done in a proper way.

You should be doing this on an empty stomach or 2 hours after your meal.

  • Sit down with your spine erect. You can sit cross-legged or in any other comfortable posture. Breathe normally for one minute.
  • Once everything is in place, you can start.
  • Initially, exercise your diaphragm by exhaling quickly and suddenly through your nostrils while producing a puffing noise. You need not focus on your inhalation as it will be passive and automatic.
  • The air should be completely exhaled from the lungs with vigorous and sudden strokes at the same time you should draw abdominal muscles inwards. You should expel the breath completely. Inhalation is automatic.
  • For beginners, this should be done in 3 rounds with one round consisting of 11 strokes. Each round of kapalbhati should take about a minute and there can be some rest in between as per your convenience.
  • While doing the exercise, the chest should be still, only the diaphragm should be used for breathing and not the upper chest.

After a month of doing kapalbhati daily, the number of strokes per minute should increase from 11 to 30 gradually.

How Kapalbhati is beneficial for health?

Find out how beneficial this breathing technique is:

  • Kapalbhati works amazingly well when you talk of its effect on the mind. It will make you feel completely de-stressed and you will experience a unique calmness while practicing this breathing technique. The mind becomes totally clear and practicing it regularly will help you achieve higher levels of awareness.
  • Coming to the physical benefits, kapalbhati stimulates the digestive organs and the body’s circulatory system.
  • This breathing technique involves generation of heat that has powerful effects on the respiratory system. It purifies the lungs and the nasal passage.
  • This breathing technique increases the exchange of gases in the lungs. There is a huge absorption of oxygen and a really huge elimination of carbon dioxide.

Practice this breathing technique on a regular basis, say once or twice daily and you would be spell bound by the results of the purification method. It is very much effective in clearing mental toxins and negative emotions that have plagued our lives.

Ready for detoxifying your mind with Kapalbhati?

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