Diet Bet-New Trend Of Weight Loss Motivation


Diet Bet-New Trend Of Weight Loss Motivation

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Diet Bet, a new game

So without further ado let’s start with our topic of weight loss motivation… today let’s talk about Diet bet, yes a bet! Remember our younger days when we would say, “I bet you can’t eat that whole piece of pastry” or “I bet you cannot score an A+ in the math test”, school days was a life of betting and gambling wasn’t it?! So why break the chain now, Diet bets are a fast catching trend in the fitness industry, and with social media at its peak, the number of participants and the winning amount is insane!

Diet Bet, What is it?

So what exactly is a diet bet? There is a certain person who sets up an online page with the announcement of diet bet and invites the interested participant to join the bet. This invite is generally open to everyone and is spread through social media. There is money involved, every participant must chip in some amount, which is generally fixed and mentioned in the invite, thus say if the invite says every person must enter with rupees 100/- then this interested person must bring in the said amount to participate. The kitty keeps on getting bigger proportional to the number of participants and the winning person is given the money collected as prize! Very interesting right?

The rules of the diet bet are to enter your weight and a full body picture and sometimes the vital stats, and at the end of the bet, you need to again log in your progress the same way, your weight after the stipulated time and the full body pictures. And you need to lose a specified percentage of your body weight by the end of the bet to win.

So, the question is how to use a diet bet to lose weight and whether or not it is really a motivator and fair play…

Firstly, be sure you are really ready for a diet bet. People are in different stages of weight loss, so a few may be in the initial stage of losing water weight and hence lose more weight initially as compared to the people who are further in their journey. Also, a person having to loose just the last 5kg will find it very difficult to lose that weight in a short amount of time. And the person stuck in a plateau, let’s not even go there. Thus, one rule fits all cannot be an approach on this matter, and gives undue advantage to a few. Secondly, find the reason for you really entering in a diet bet, is it just boredom or do you really need some push… and enter only when you intend to stick with the plan. These bets can be used as a motivator, or just to kick-start a process or even to give a participating friend some company… the reasons are unlimited and to each his own, but you really need to be sure as to what you want to get out of this bet.every-accomplishment-starts-with-the-decision-to-trySince we are on the topic of knowing what you want, I know the initial urge of a diet bet will always be prize money, but think for a moment, is it all that will matter to you during those 15-20 days or would you use this time to understand yourself? Your likes, dislikes, how you work under pressure, etc. thus, goal setting is more important, like I will learn how to diet well or I will work out every day, such goals form a concrete base for weight loss. So try focusing in these aspects instead of the prize.

Wrapping it up, I think diet bets are a great form of motivation, provided you have thought it through and have a certain goal attached to it. It would be better to not have just a monetary goal to this, look beyond that and am sure you will learn a lot.

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