Easy To Follow Diet Chart To Reduce Anxiety


How to ease anxiety with diet?

stress & weight gain

Anxiety, depression, stress has become ordinary in our lives today. Almost every third person is suffering from anxiety and some with acute form of its. Some get over it in short span of time and some takes years to overcome it. Medical treatment has its own way to cure it. Doctors prescribe anti-depression pill to control such behavior disorders. Anxiety disorder, panic disorder, behavior disorder can happen to anyone of any age. The best way to manage these disorder is to follow a correct diet and daily practice of yoga and meditation. Diet, the four letter word plays a significant role in our life. Whether to develop abs, or to remain healthy, or to release anxiety…everything depends and start with your diet. The key to live a healthy and stress free life also depends on your diet.

Easy To Follow Diet Chart To Reduce Anxiety

Start your day with a glass of fresh green juice before eating anything. It is a great way to begin your day with a nutritious morning.


After a gap of 20 minutes, sit down to have your breakfast, enjoy fresh berries, some cage free organic scrambled eggs. Berries are highly beneficial because they relive anxiety and stress and increases brain function as they are high in phytonutrients and antioxidants. Also add exercise in routine at least four times a week. Make yoga your daily routine, as these activities will fuel the body for rest of the day.

Berrries for diabetics

Take a mini snack break at 10:00 am, a combo of banana with almond butter and some hot tea is preferable. Almonds contains protein, iron, vitamin B2, vitamin E, healthy fats, zinc, which an important nutrient in maintaining a balanced mood. Peppermint tea is most considerable as it helps aid in digestion and reduce inflammation and relaxes the mind and body.

amazing health benefits of almonds

By 12:15 pm you can go for your lunch, a light lunch with full of vegetables. Start loving colours, add more colours in salad and make it more brightful. A combination of cranberries, fresh yellow and red peppers, quinoa, sunflower seeds, lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil is delectable. Quinoa is a seed which is a complete protein which boosts levels of serotonin in the brain. Its naturally gluten free and also very filling.

cabbage salad

By 3:15 pm it’s the time for your second mini snack break. Fill this break with different smoothies. Frozen blueberry blended with frozen banana, almond milk and a scoop of vanilla vegan protein is the best option. Its appetizing, mouth watering and at the same time healthy and beneficial. Post snack break go for your workout.

four berry smoothie

6:45 pm, the dinner time, you might had a tiring day and and there will be craving for a full meal…but don’t let yourself do so rather opt for something healthy. Experiment with different textures and flavours in your kitchen. You can have zucchini noodle pasta with sautéed shallots, garlic, red and yellow papers. Other option you can go for is seafood. Seafood is highly rich in nutrients and vitamins. Make your diet rich in vegetables, beans, and fresh fruit.

There is a certain connectivity between food we intake and our emotions thorough out the day, as food changes our mood. So cleverly opt for such food stuffs which makes you relax and at the same time are healthy.

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