Latest Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar


Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar

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The Mumbai based nutrition expert is someone who has introduced us to our true selves when it comes to diet and nutrition. She has come up with yet another book ‘The PCOD Thyroid Book’. If you have read this book you will feel that you have been ignoring your native logic about food. It is her common sense that speaks volumes of her capability in the book.

rujuta_diwekar, Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar

Moreover, the reason why you just can’t ignore Rujuta is her impressive list of clients. From Kareena Kapoor to Anil Ambani, she has well known names in her list! Kareena Kapoor is said to have been immensely benefitted with her sensible diet and fitness routines.

How her approach towards food is so clear headed? It is all due to her upbringing. Back in school her mom ensured that she had proper garam nashta for her lunch break. There was never bread, fryums or even chips in her box. Her maternal grandfather belonged to Konkan and was bent on eating more of local foods. He disliked the concept of eating bread. She didn’t have colas and chocolates as a kid. At a very early age she found out that one need not eat junk food for fun. She says that you need solid parents and grandparents who can say ‘no’ to your demands till you know what is good for you.

Something else also helped in shaping Rujuta and that is the tradition of farming. Her paternal grandfather had a farm was into farming. He had coconut trees and cultivated rice. During her holidays her cousins and she would plant and grow the food that they ate! Isn’t it great?

She feels that ancient Indian methods of eating are the best! Here are the Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar:

Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar

Here are a few of her quick answers to some buzzwords in an attempt to bust food myths:


According to her it is the food of the deprived! In her new book, she has asked readers to avoid eating anything that over-boiled, heated too much or reheated in a microwave. You will get more nutrients from food if you eat fresh.


She calls them a super-fruit! Rightly said!

‘8 glass water intake’

Numbers needn’t be taken into account, the colour of urine should.


‘Stevia vs sugar’

She says sugar is natural and why should we replace our natural with somebody else’s natural.


Better stick to paneer!

Green juicing

Jaw chewing is preferable!


Avoid foods that read ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’. You need essential acids such as omega 3 and omega 6 that are present in ghee, paneer, coconut oil, peanut oil and til oil. In her book she has mentioned that eating fat slows down the conversion of food to fat.


‘Calcium supplements’

Exercise and physical activity helps in building bones and not calcium!

‘Cold pressed juice’

She says that you better use your teeth!


In this book, she has mentioned that carbs are magical in treating PCOS, especially the unprocessed carbs like wheat, rice, bajra, jowar, ragi, barley and nachni.


She says that we are eating quinoa without even knowing that South America is chopping down forests in order to grow quinoa. It would be advisable to eat local.


Why are we giving up ghee to eat olive oil? From where are the olives coming from? Is economics at play? No wonder we are being pushed to use olive oil. Just think for a while.


According to her book, Surya namaskars and asanas that open the pelvic region are great for those suffering from PCOS.

Green tea

She says that Masala chai would be better any day.

Hope this post ‘Diet Myths Busted By Rujuta Diwekar’ has been useful!

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