Diet Plan-The Personality Type Diet


Diet Plan-The Personality Type Diet

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The world of fitness is filled with diet plans that make several tall claims. Some say go Vegan, avoid certain food groups etc, etc! While some of them actually help in weight loss others are just passed off as fads. Here, I am presenting before you a quite different diet plan called the personality type diet plan. Experts feel that this diet plan really works. Read on more about The Personality Type Diet plan.

Created by Robert Kushner, MD, the Personality Type Diet is a weight-loss program that relates how a person’s personality and lifestyle affect his/her eating habits.

It is very different from the old school dieting plans. It is a system that helps you lose weight and makes you stay on track once you reach your goal.


How does this Personality Type Diet work?

According to this diet, people fall in distinct personality types based on the way they deal with dieting and exercise and their coping styles. These 3 things determine individual dieting habits.

For instance, according to your diet personality type you could be called a “Mindless Muncher” or if you eat more at night you can be called a “Nighttime Nibbler”.

Coming to your exercise personality, you could be called a “Hate-to-Move Struggler” which is quite self explanatory 😛

Your coping personality could be that of a “Persistent Procrastinator.”

The above is just an example, in order to find out your personality type you need to answer Dr. Kushner’s online questionnaire. After your personality types are found, the Personality Type Diet will devise a weight-loss program that is based on your individual needs and that will help you change your behaviour and habits.

Unlike other diets this diet is not restrictive. It has a good balance of proteins, carbs and fat. Healthy diet and exercise help in reaching your weight loss goal. In this diet the focus is on whole foods like veggies, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, beans, soya products, lentils, poultry and lean meats.

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Pros of the Personality Type Diet

  • In this diet plan, the weight loss program is not the same for all. It is customized for every individual based on their dieting, exercising personalities and coping styles.
  • There is a balanced diet in this plan. There are no gimmicks, you are directed to make healthy choices.
  • There is an emphasis on activity. The diet plan clubs exercise with eating low calories and low fat.
  • This diet plan has received acclaim as it has been successful for many people.
  • It offers social networking support too. You can connect with people who are of the same personality type as you are. This ensures that you are always motivated.

Cons of the Personality Type Diet

  • It is difficult for busy people to spare time for preparing their own meals at home.
  • Changing one’s lifestyle and routine can also be a difficult task.

The Personality Type Diet is not meant to offer short-term solutions. This diet will make long term changes in your habits and behaviors. If you want a weight-loss program for an entire lifetime, the Personality Type Diet is a good beginning.

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